Jack White admits his James Bond theme is 'one of the most divisive things' he's ever done

Jack White knows how much his Bond theme split fans credit:Bang Showbiz
Jack White knows how much his Bond theme split fans credit:Bang Showbiz

Jack White says 'Another Way To Die' is "one of the most divisive things" he's ever done.

The former White Stripes star wrote and produced the James Bond theme song - which also features Alicia Keys - for 2008's 'Quantum of Solace', and he admitted people still either love or hate the track.

Appearing on the 'Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend' podcast, he said: "It’s one of the most divisive things I’ve been a part of.

“To this day, it’s straight across the board. People always say you either love or you hate it.

"That song is… there are people who hate it so much, and there are people who love it so much. Nowhere in the middle; it’s so strange.”

The 46-year-old musician noted that Bond themes can be a contentious subject, with fans having their clear favourites.

He added: "Bond themes – in Britain, for example… that’s consistent coffee/breakfast conversation.

"Like, ‘What’s your favourite bond theme?’ It’s almost who you are as a person.”

Jack landed the job after Amy Winehouse - who was originally set to record the movie's theme - didn't meet the bosses' criteria.

He said: "So it was [like], ‘We were running out of time, we need somebody else… And I thought, ‘Oh, this was great, because now I’m gonna get away with murder; I’m gonna put things in this song, they would never approve of this…

“And that happened… The music director was not down with anything. He was trying to convince me to turn it into a ballad or something like that...

“It got interesting, I was like, ‘We’re going on tour, I can’t get in there’ – knowing full well I totally have time to fix it if I wanted to.”