Ivory Aquino begs Warner Bros to 'reconsider' their axing of Batgirl movie

Ivory Aquino begs Warner Bros to reconsider decision to axe Batgirl credit:Bang Showbiz
Ivory Aquino begs Warner Bros to reconsider decision to axe Batgirl credit:Bang Showbiz

Ivory Aquino has begged Warner Bros to "reconsider" their axing of 'Batgirl' movie.

The 42-year-old actress has filmed the role of Alysia Yeoh in the DC Comics movie alongside Leslie Grace as the titular heroine but following a report from The Hollywood Reporter that the superhero movie will only receive a "funeral" screening by the filmmaking studio and will then be destroyed permanently, she penned an open letter to Warner Bros' CEO David Zaslov where she begged the company to change its mind.

She tweeted: "A letter to #DavidZaslav @WBD Dear Mr. Zaslav, I just read an article

@THR about supposed ‘funeral screenings’ of #Batgirl and the possibility afterwards that the film footage would be destroyed.. if this is the case, as one of many who poured our hearts into the making of this movie, I ask that this measure be reconsidered. "

The 'When We Rise' star went on to explain that she has "tried her best" to remain strong since the news was announced back in early August and explained that she has been left "grieving" for the movie following the decision to have it shelved.

She added: "As much as I’ve tried my best to be strong these past few weeks, I’d find myself crying, for lack of a better term, from grief, and tonight was one of those nights. As much as 'Batgirl' has been labeled a woke film, it simply came together that way because of writing that reflects the world we live in.

"For me, more than anything, it is a father-daughter story which hits close to home as my Dad passed a year ago, shortly before I booked this project, and I was hoping it would resonate with other children around the world, grown and not-so-grown, who hold their fathers in the highest esteem and who could see Batgirl as a story of that special bond.

I’ve found myself not being able to talk about this ordeal with anyone. I realized that no one, apart from those involved with the film, would truly understand what we’re feeling. And talking about it with my castmates, I feel, might be akin to rubbing salt on a still-open wound. My heart goes out to @LeslieGrace and our beloved directors and entire crew cast who spent months dedicating their all to this endeavor."

Following the initial cancellation, a Warner Bros. spokesperson said in a statement: "The decision to not

release 'Batgirl' reflects our leadership’s strategic shift as it relates to the DC universe and HBO Max. Leslie Grace is an incredibly

talented actor and this decision is not a reflection of her performance."