I've Rounded Up The Weirdest Laws In The UK That Are Technically STILL In Effect

Can you believe that there are actually laws in the United Kingdom that go all the way back to medieval times? It may sound wild, but it's absolutely true! In this post, we're going to delve into some of the most bizarre and outdated laws that are still in effect in the UK legal system today. Get ready for a wacky journey!

Two cops from "Hot Fuzz" eating ice cream in their car.
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1.First up, it is illegal to be drunk in a pub!

Londoners drinking in a pub.

2.Don't you even dare walk your cow in the street in daylight!

Three highland cows walking up a street.

3.And definitely don't take your cow to the pub!

A cow standing next to a group of friends that are cheersing.

4.You might need to halt your plans to start that gambling ring at your local library...

Interior of a green and white library in Oxford.

5.Knock-a-door runaway is a knock-a-door no-way!!

A black door on a white building in London.

6.It's illegal to impersonate a police officer. Maybe it's time to think of a new fancy dress outfit?

Two London police walking in front of a bridge.

7.And make sure you don't look too fishy, while handling fish!

Salmon fillets on a cutting board.

8.We're British. Of course it's illegal to jump the queue!

Blurring people in a London tube station.

9.Flying a kite in a public area? Don't do it!

Kites fling in the sky above houses.

10.When was the last time your Uber driver asked if you had the plague? Because they SHOULD be asking, or else they're breaking the law!

A black taxi cab flying through the streets of London.

11.If you thought becoming an MP meant you can wear your armor at all times, then you would be wrong!

Suit of armor hands.

12.If planning to shake your rugs in the street, make sure you do it after 8 a.m!

Pile of rugs.

13.Make sure your pups don't get too friendly with the Royal Corgis!

Two royal guards holding the leashes of the corgis.

14.Careful on ice, if you slip, you're heading straight to jail!

Winter along the Thames.

15.And finally, when air-drying your clothes, don't hang them across the street!

Laundry hanging with cows in the background.

So, there you go. You can go about your daily business knowing you're not breaking some weird law now!

"Hot Fuzz" cop throwing something to knock down a criminal.

Don't forget to let me know in the comments below the weirdest laws you know around the world or where you're from.

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