'I've flown to Tenerife to look for Jay Slater and I won't leave until he's found', vows TikTok star

Paul Arnott
-Credit: (Image: downtherapids/Instagram)

British TikToker Paul Arnott, known for his Down the Rapids page with more than 153,000 followers, has joined the search for missing teen Jay Slater and is set to meet with the lad's family today.

Arnott, who shelled out £400 for a flight from Fort William to Tenerife on Saturday to help in the search, has been in touch with the mum of Bradley Hargreaves, a mate of Jay's who was also holidaying with him and Lucy Mae Law.

The 29 year old shared: "I'm meeting the family today. They said they wanted to meet me. They said they're really proud of what I'm doing. I've been speaking with Brad's mum, Rachel. They wanted to bring me food but I said no."

The amateur mountaineer and adventurer recently participated in the search for father-son duo Tom and Richie Parry, who tragically were found dead after going missing in the Scottish Highlands last month.

Paul is not the only person who has flown out to join the search - This Morning's crime journalist Isla Traquair has been reporting live from the scene since Thursday morning, a move which has drawn criticism from viewers as Isla reprimanded amateur sleuths who had travelled to Tenerife to investigate on air just the day before.

Before vanishing, Jay, who is from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, was having a blast on his first overseas holiday with mates in Tenerife, attending the three-day NRG Festival which wrapped up on Sunday 16 June. While his friends headed back to their lodgings just outside Playa de las America, Jay decided to extend his night out with two British men he'd met during the trip, reports the Mirror.

He was last seen leaving their Airbnb holiday rental, nestled just outside the quaint village of Masca on the side of a mountain in the Rural de Teno National Park, on Monday morning. He had phoned his friend Lucy Law to tell her he was lost and trying to find his way back to the hotel, but his phone battery was critically low at just one per cent.

Jay in a hat
Jay in a hat

In a press conference held yesterday, Detective Mark Williams-Thomas made an urgent appeal for the two men that Jay had returned to the Airbnb with on the night before his disappearance to "come forward with crucial information".

Earlier, he had said: "I urge those two people to come forward. I need to speak to those people, they have crucial information. There will be you, as well as many other people who are asking very pertinent questions in relation to why they were here, what they were doing and why they took Jay back to that holiday rental."

"What we don't know is why, if they were partying here, they went to a holiday rental around an hour away in a really remote location. I don't know the answer to that, but my focus is to find those people. I am giving them the opportunity to come forward, they are crucial witnesses and ask questions that could get answers."