IV Drips Are the Newest Luxury Travel Flex

IV drips have been well documented as hangover cures, but the medical services are gaining a new status as luxury travel amenity.

People are now using IV drips to deal with a whole host of travel woes, from jet lag and exhaustion to—yes—a little too much imbibing, The Washington Post reported over the weekend. And instead of going to a hospital or even a less intense medical setting, you can get the service at a posh hotel spa or even in the privacy of your own room.

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“People get really dehydrated when they travel. They get hangovers and sun exposure. They’re at high altitudes when they’re flying,” Sarah Muniz, the director of clinical operations for the Washington, D.C.–area PureDropIV, told the Post. “Having the ability to get the hydration and B-12 vitamins and vitamin C really helps people bounce back.”

And when you feel like another step might do you in, these companies come right to you. PureDropIV, for example, does house calls in the area. The I.V. Doc, founded by Adam Nadelson in New York City, often sees clients at some of the city’s most luxe hotels, including the Ritz-Carlton, the Four Seasons, the Plaza, and Aman, Nadelson told The Washington Post. “You name the hotel,” he said, “we’ve certainly been there.” And now the hotels themselves are getting into the IV game: A handful of Four Seasons spas have an IV drip among their services, and at the Ranch in Malibu and the Hudson Valley, you can be revitalized poolside.

Given that IV drips can be used for all sorts of reasons, people take advantage of them in different ways, with the Post noting regional differences throughout the United States. In cities like D.C. and New York, users may book a pre-travel IV to boost immunity and energy before any ill effects take place. In Los Angeles and Miami, you might see more IVs given to people interested in longevity or biohacking. And in places like Las Vegas, IV drips are still largely used as morning-after remedies.

To some, the trend may seem a little suspect, and The Washington Post noted that there are people in the medical and wellness spaces who aren’t so sure about recreational IVs, for various health and safety reasons.

Even still, it’s going to become more and more common to see your fellow travelers lounging by the pool, an IV sending vitamins and minerals straight into their bloodstream.

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