ITV's Loose Women hit with 103 Ofcom complaints after Denise Welch's furious rant at TV guest

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ITV's Loose Women has been hit with 103 complaints from viewers after Denise Welch launched into a heated rant at a TV guest earlier this week. The incident occurred when Denise, 65, demonstrated her frustration over the ongoing criticism of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

The Loose Women panellist was left fuming on Monday, May 6, when Dickie Arbiter, former press secretary to the late Queen Elizabeth II and to King Charles III before his ascension last year, was in the studio to discuss the monarch's cancer battle. While the conversation started off smoothly, it veered off course when Dickie broached the topic of whether the monarch could ever mend his strained relationship with his son, Prince Harry.

Royal fans will remember that Harry renounced his life as a senior working Royal alongside his wife Meghan for a new beginning across the Atlantic. The Duchess of Sussex encountered a surge of criticism when she was first rumoured to be dating Prince Harry in 2016, and the couple have publicly denounced the negative media scrutiny they have both received, personally, as a couple and as parents to their two children, Archie and Lilibet.

Denise defended Meghan and Harry's decision to leave Windsor and Frogmore Cottage, clashing with Dickie Arbiter over his criticism of Meghan Markle. "If I may say, do you not think there is a reason why Harry did such a thing? ", Denise questioned, referencing the Duke's move to the US, reports the Daily Record.

Prince Harry and Meghan
Dickie Arbiter with the Loose Women panellists -Credit:ITV1

She highlighted the deep-seated issues within King Charles III's family, tracing back to his marriage to Lady Diana while he was in love with Camilla. "It ruined a lot of Diana's life", Denise said. She pointed out the trauma Prince Harry faced following his mother's death and the paparazzi chase that led to it, as well as his experience walking behind her coffin and later accepting Queen Camilla as his stepmother.

"Then he has a wife who is completely and continually trashed by the media, including your good self", Denise said, directing her words at Dickie, as some audience members applauded. "I am just sick to death of the bashing that this woman gets... we continually berate this woman every day." When Dickie suggested that the Sussexes have been criticised for their departure from the Royal Family, Denise forcefully reiterated: "Why would they not walk out? Why would they want to spend their life in a country that hated them? ".

ITV viewers were left gobsmacked by the segment on Loose Women, with many taking to social media platform X, previously known as Twitter, to voice their opinions. While Denise Welch's comments seemed to resonate with a large portion of the audience, they also sparked outrage among a significant number of viewers.

Dickie Arbiter and the Loose Women team
Dickie Arbiter and the Loose Women team

Ofcom received complaints from 103 viewers disappointed with Denise Welch's outspoken take on the Royal Family and her reaction to Dickie Arbiter's views. Online trolls also decided to target Denise's admirable journey towards sobriety. One wrote: "Good old Denise, surprised she can stay sober enough to be able to partake in a debate." Denise was quick to respond to the rude comment, replying: "12 years Dougie! ! Keep up,".

Denise has been transparent about her struggle with addiction, serving as an inspiration for others going through a similar journey. Celebrating her triumphant battle with addiction, she marked her 11th year of sobriety in 2023 with a moving Instagram post. She opened up about her "disastrous" relationship with alcohol and how staying sober positively influenced not only her life but also those around her, including her husband Lincoln Townley.

She posted: "11 yrs sober today! ! Giving up my disastrous relationship with alcohol transformed my life, my husband's life and my children's lives, and everyone who loves me". She ended her powerful post remarking: "It wasn't easy. Addiction is a cruel and frightening illness. But together @lincolntownley and I realised that we were destroying many lives including our own and we did it." She continued: "I now have a wonderful marriage that is the foundation of my life. Our kids are happy and I hope those of you struggling find the strength to stop."