ITV viewers furious as Lorraine 'ruins' huge Emmerdale storyline

Emmerdale fans were left fuming when an unwelcome spoiler from Matty and Amy's wedding aired on ITV's Lorraine, with viewers claiming it had "ruined" the soap episode.

The Dales-set ITV soap has a big episode coming up tonight which will feature its first-ever wedding with a trans groom as Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano) marries Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) and to mark the milestone, Lorraine sent Strictly Come Dancing star Amy Dowden behind the scenes to report from the set.

But soap fans know that a wedding day for their favourite show rarely goes without a hitch, and they had been looking forward to seeing any twists and turns that might play out on the big day. So when the chat show included a clip from tonight's episode that included a bombshell revelation followed by an interview with the cast about it, viewers were left unimpressed.

Lorraine featured a clip from Emmerdale's wedding - but viewers were not happy
Lorraine featured a clip from Emmerdale's wedding - but viewers were not happy -Credit:Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

The Emmerdale clip showed Amy's chaotic mum Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) revealing at the last minute that she can't afford to pay for the wedding, despite having told her daughter to spare no expense.

Talking more about the moment, actor Ash told Amy from the soap's set that the wedding is called off just hours before they are due to walk down the aisle - leaving fans fuming that the surprise has been spoiled.

Laura also added that her character Kerry will try to attend the ceremony anyway in an elaborate disguise after being banned from the wedding, before the programme cut back to the studio and host Lorraine Kelly said: "That's going to be cracking to watch. Fingers crossed it goes well but it's Emmerdale, it probably won't!"

Angry viewers commented on social media as one person wrote on X: "Muted it and looking good away to avoid spoilers," before adding: "Literally saw a second of it and now I know what it’s about. FFS."

Someone else added: "Don't need to watch Emmerdale tonight. Thanks."

Actor Ash has previously told the Mirror how proud he is of the storyline, saying: "I am so grateful for the storyline. To be that person that shows this beautiful love story where one of the characters happens to be trans. It’s just it’s everything I set out to do in this role. I can look back on this job and go, 'I’m so proud of that'."