ITV presenter forced to apologise after co-star swears live on air

Ed Chamberlin hosting ITV's horse racing
Ed Chamberlin was hosting ITV's horse racing -Credit:ITV

ITV's Ed Chamberlin was left apologising to viewers after his co-star, the esteemed racing pundit Brough Scott, let a swear word slip live on air. The incident happened during a discussion of the day's events at Newmarket races on Saturday, where 81 year old Scott, alongside other commentators, was dissecting the day's most thrilling moments.

The broadcasting veteran inadvertently caused a stir when he muddled his words and out came an expletive. Realising his mistake, Scott immediately sought forgiveness for his blunder, asking for his language to be excused.

However, it was Chamberlin who seemed more flustered by the situation.

As the main presenter of ITV's racing coverage, Chamberlin swiftly took to the screen to apologise to the audience, ensuring that everyone knew the network did not condone such language. He also implied that Scott would be equally eager to express his regret for the slip-up.

The gaffe unfolded as they were analysing one of the day's races, with Scott commenting: "Just talking to Jeff Smith... he said this is as strong as he remembers. It's a really, really fascinating race this.", reports the Mirror.

It was then that he added: "I've known him for a long time, he's not a bulls***ter, pardon my French."

Ed Chamberlain was quick to address the slip-up, saying: "As you used to have to do, I apologise for my colleague's language a moment ago. He is very sorry as well I'm sure."

However, the damage was done and viewers were already buzzing about the incident on social media. One viewer tweeted: "Did Brough Scott just say 'bulls***ter'? " while another focused on Ed's reaction: "Ed Chamberlain s*** himself cause he didn't want to pull up a racing legend such as Brough Scott."

Some ITV Racing fans argue that swearing has become too common on the show, questioning the need for apologies over what they consider minor expletives. A fan commented: "How many times do @itvracing have to apologise to the 'offended viewers' for the term 'bulls***' ? Nil my suggestion. @broughscott a breath of fresh air, untainted by bulls***."

Another chimed in: "Do we really have to apologise twice on @itvracing because Brough Scott said someone wasn't a bulls***ter? " Meanwhile, Newmarket Horse Racing events continue into the summer, with highlights including the 1000 and 2000 Guineas in May, the July Cup and Falmouth Stakes. Plus, there are music events to look forward to, with JLS performing in June and Busted in July.