ITV Loose Women star Gloria Hunniford stuns fans with brutal four word dig at co-star leaving UK

Loose Women was slammed by viewers on social media, who took offence to her unacceptable remarks from Gloria Hunniford about Oprah Winfrey's weight.
Gloria stunned fans on Wednesday's episode of Loose Women -Credit:No credit

Loose Women viewers were left clutching their pearls after Gloria Hunniford's sassy four-word quip aimed at Denise Welch, who had expressed a desire to leave the UK. The daytime TV scene was set with Coleen Nolan at the helm of Monday's Loose Women episode, flanked by her fellow panellists Gloria, Denise, and Brenda Edwards.

Amid discussions about the dreary Bank Holiday weather that drenched much of Britain, the conversation turned to moods and meteorology in a segment titled 'Does the weather affect your mood?'

Gloria waxed lyrical about her love for the UK, saying: "I tell you what though... I wouldn't live anywhere else. Simple as that. Because I could live in the sunshine."

Denise chimed in with a contrasting view, saying: "I would." Without missing a beat, Gloria delivered the zinger: "When are you going?," leaving the audience audibly shocked and Denise momentarily lost for words, only managing a laugh in response to the cheeky jab. Brenda couldn't help but exclaim: "Wow!"

Loose Women's Denise Welch
Loose Women panellist Denise Welch -Credit:Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Social media lit up with reactions to the spicy exchange, reports the Express, with @aaabbb3 tweeting: "Gloria's on fire today!! #loosewomen."

Another viewer, @cookiejoe9, commented: "Oh wow, when said Gloria. When is Denise leaving?? #loosewomen." And @betthehockey succinctly summed up the moment with a single word: "Miaow!".

Gloria and Denise have previously clashed over topics including Meghan Markle and Covid rules
Gloria and Denise have previously clashed over topics including Meghan Markle and Covid rules -Credit:Loose Women / ITV

Denise later elaborated on her stance, stating: "There's lots I love about this country but if I didn't have my grandson now, I think I could leave." Gloria, ever the optimist, responded: "See now lots of reasons to stay," before adding a reflective note on the state of the world: "When you look at the world and other countries, you think, 'This is not bad... the weather is.'"

Denise concluded with a hint of resignation: "Used to be - not now." Host Coleen tried to steer the conversation towards lighter topics, saying: "Anyway, onto to some feel good news please."