ITV Emmerdale fans ‘rumble’ Gus Malcolms' real plan for Ivy after Rhona 'clue'

Emmerdale's Gus Malcolms blindsided fans when he had a sudden change of heart this week, and even went so far as to make an unexpected proposition to Rhona Goskirk amidst their ongoing feud. As regular viewers will know, Gus had previously shown his nasty side towards Rhona in court, as their fight for custody of baby Ivy resulted in both parties being arrested.

Amid their tense legal battle, Rhona was recently acquitted of kidnapping charges related to her biological daughter, however Gus is still awaiting the verdict on his fraud charges for having forged Rhona's signature to access fertility treatment with his wife. The charges against Gus stem from his decision to use frozen embryos that he and Rhona had stored during their marriage, without obtaining Rhona's consent.

Emmerdale fans are convinced that Gus Malcolms is planning to run with baby Ivy
Emmerdale fans are convinced that Gus Malcolms is planning to run with baby Ivy -Credit:ITV

Rhona had been under the impression that these embryos had been destroyed, and when Gus revealed his plans to use them with his wife Lucy, she refused to give her permission. Despite this, Gus forged her signature and Lucy became pregnant, before tragically passing away during Ivy's birth.

Since then, Rhona has expressed a desire to help raise her biological daughter, but Gus attempted to abscond to France with Ivy without informing Rhona, leading to Rhona taking her back.

Fast forward a few months, and while Rhona won't be facing jail time, Gus is set to learn his fate in court this week, potentially facing several years in prison. In a surprising turn of events, he claimed on Tuesday that he wants to put Ivy first, asking for the assistance of Rhona and her partner Marlon Dingle in raising Ivy, reports the Mirror.

Gus was seen telling Marlon that he wanted to work with them to create the best life for his daughter, asking the couple to be a part of the baby's life regardless of his sentencing. He later shared his fears about his upcoming court date with Rhona, who mentioned the statement she was asked to provide for him.

Despite Gus hinting at wanting to raise Ivy with the help of Marlon and Rhona, and even suggesting he wouldn't stand in the way of Rhona bonding with her daughter, she seemed unsure. Gus hinted that he would want them to help care for Ivy if he were sent to prison, and he had a friendly chat with the pair about Ivy's future.

Fans have urged Rhona to trust her instincts rather than Gus
Fans have urged Rhona to trust her instincts rather than Gus

Uncertain of what to believe, Rhona sought Marlon's opinion, questioning whether Gus would really be so reasonable, but despite her worries, Marlon reassured her: "We're all gonna be fine."

Are Rhona's feared well founded and could Gus be planning something? Fans at home certainly seem to think so, with many taking to social media to share their thoughts after Gus told Rhona he would miss his daughter - something fans were adamant was far from a sincere confession.

One fan speculated: "Is Gus doing a runner? " Another agreed: "I wouldn't trust Gus further than i could throw him," while a third chimed in: "I really really don't trust Gus, he's gonna take Ivy and run... I just know it."

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