ITV Emmerdale fans in hysterics after singing legend makes soap cameo

Emmerdale fans were left in hysterics after Kerry Wyatt, played by Laura Norton, was seen praying to a picture of pop icon Cher for a miracle. In Tuesday night's episode (April 16), the ITV soap kicked off with Kerry kneeling before a lit candle and a framed photo, seemingly praying for financial help to cover Amy and Matty's wedding costs.

However, as the camera zoomed out, it was revealed that she was actually praying to the Believe singer. With her hands clasped together, she said: "Hey, me again. I know you probably think I only pray to you when I want something but I am in a right bind this time and I really really really need your help."

Kerry Wyatt left fans in stitches when she was spotted praying to Cher on Tuesday
Kerry Wyatt left fans in stitches when she was spotted praying to Cher on Tuesday -Credit:ITV

A beautiful blue necklace was displayed on the table in front of Kerry's makeshift shrine, which she hoped would fetch a high price. "Amy and Matty deserve the best wedding ever so could you please just make sure this necklace is worth an absolute mint so that I can pay for it all," she implored.

"Thank you.", reports the Daily Star.

Kerry, who earlier this year returned to Emmerdale after working as an impersonator of the chart-topping star on a cruise ship, is a big fan of Cher, and even returned to the village while still dressed as her idol! However, some viewers thought she might be taking her fandom a bit too far by elevating her to a deity.

"I literally just spat my drink out when I saw Kerry was praying to a picture of Cher," one viewer posted on social media. "Kerry has a Cher photo, of course ha ha," another chuckled.

A third fan then quipped: "She's not even dead yet."

Another couldn't help but share a chuckle, posting: "Kerry praying to Cher," alongside a crying with laughter emoji.

The scene also prompted a hilarious reaction featuring a GIF of Adrian Dunbar as Superintendent Ted Hastings from Line Of Duty, complete with his iconic disgusted expression and the caption: "Mother of God."

Speculation is rife among fans, with one predicting: "Don't tell me Kerry is going to the wedding dressed as Cher again is she? Right that's it..."

Meanwhile, another viewer cleverly tied in Cher's hit 'If I Could Turn Back Time', suggesting if Kerry could do just that, maybe everything would be alright. And one fan was left scratching their head, pondering: "Has Kerry always been this crazy or just since she came back? ".

Emmerdale airs Monday to Friday at 7:30pm on ITV and ITVX