ITV Coronation Street fans ‘rumble' Rowan's plan for Leanne after dark recording twist

Coronation Street viewers are convinced they've rumbled Rowan Cunliffe's true intentions for Leanne Battersby after a recent plot twist on the ITV soap.

As viewers will recall, Rowan was shown to be concealing something from Leanne on Friday's episode, as he persistently nudged her towards his self-improvement institute. He even managed to distance her from her husband Nick Tilsley and sister Toyah Battersby when she needed them most.

Rowan then coaxed Leanne into sharing her past traumas, using his techniques to guide her into vocalising aspects of her life. He further convinced her of his expertise in this area, while also advising her not to shoulder other people's problems.

Leanne bared her soul about her past, including her stint as an escort, and opened up about the loss of her young son Oliver. In emotional scenes, she expressed feelings of judgement and punishment for her past actions. Following her confession, Rowan seemed to know exactly what to say to comfort her, while also convincing her that his methods were effective and beneficial for her mindset.

He asserted that by utilising his uploading tools and reality coding, she could overcome her trauma and foster positivity, reports the Mirror.

Of course, when this seemed to work, she lauded Rowan and shared her intentions to follow more of his advice. In a surprising twist, she even cut off her sister Toyah who was about to share something with her about her stillborn baby girl, telling her she didn't want to hear it.

Before this, Rowan waited for Leanne to step away, then it was revealed he was secretly recording everything she said. He stopped the recording, and on his phone, viewers could see numerous other voice recordings all labelled as 'Home'.

Strangely, they were all recorded the day before, and then he was shown saving Leanne's own recording. It wasn't clear whether any of the other recordings were from Leanne or their conversations they had throughout the week.

It appeared that Rowan had recorded other people though, and possibly recorded sessions with other people all in the same day, with around seven recordings in total. So what exactly is Rowan up to, and what does he plan to do with Leanne's quotes?

Viewers speculated he wasn't genuine, and wasn't listening to her for support but instead to blackmail her out of her money. Viewers questioned whether he would later use the information she told him, all recorded, against her.

Corrie fans took to social media with their theories, with one viewer speculating: "Perhaps that Rowan will blackmail Leanne with the info she 'uploads' to him," while another chimed in: "Rowan: tell me all your secrets. No-one is listening but I might blackmail you about them later."

Leanne brutally shut down her sister Toyah as she tried to open up about her stillborn baby girl
Leanne brutally shut down her sister Toyah as she tried to open up about her stillborn baby girl

A third suggested: "I think Rowan gets people to tell them secrets about their lives and blackmails them," and a fourth posed the question: "Is idiot Rowan going to use whatever Leanne is telling him against her at some point? ".

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