ITV confirms if Love Islanders can vote as they discuss election in villa

Matilda Draper and Konnor Ewudzi
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It’s a big day for Brits as the polls have opened for the 2024 General Election. But fans of the ITV reality show, Love Island have been left wondering whether the contestants are allowed to vote.

Love Island began on Monday 3 June and contestants flew out knowing that they may stay the full course of the entire eight-week show, or they could leave after just 24 hours.

They could have missed the deadline of registering to vote on Tuesday 18 June if they had not planned to stay as long as they have.

With the General Election being held on Thursday 4 July, there are contestants still in Mallorca meaning they won’t be able to make it to the polling stations.

But Love Island confirmed that all contestants have the chance to vote if they want to.

Maya Jama
Maya Jama will return for the 4 July episode -Credit:Jonathan Hordle/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Executive Producer Mike Spencer said on the record ahead of the series starting: “We want to make sure they are voting, because of course, we want everyone to vote.”

ITV has confirmed that the opportunity was given for islanders to vote by proxy before going into Love Island and that they were encouraged to do this.

There have been moments of hilarity during the series where Love Islanders have questioned who the Prime Minister or “President” of the UK is and talked about the 2024 election.

Love Island
The Love Island contestants have been encouraged to vote by producers -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

The contestants have discussed politics in the show, and during Love Island Unseen Bits, Jess White asked the girls, “What’s everyone’s opinion on the general election?”

Uma Jammeh asked, “What’s that mean?”

An unimpressed Jess responds, “Are you being serious?”

Uma defends her knowledge as she ventures, “No, I know the prime... president...?”

“Prime minister, babe.” Jess corrects, shortly.

Jess went on to say that she thinks she would make a good prime minister. And would make “nails free to girls. I would make hair free to girls”.

Love Island
The contestants will recouple in what's set to be a dramatic episode -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

In tonight’s (Thursday 4 July) episode of Love Island, there will be a dramatic recoupling as the girls and boys choose if they want to remain in their original couple, or recouple with someone else.

Maya asks the boys to stand up one by one, they must make the ultimate decision and reveal whether they wish to stick with their partner or recouple with someone new.

Sean Stone admits he has felt “like he’s been a little kid in a sweet shop” over the last few days, and Ayo Odukoya admitting “I’m all up in the air to be fair” , what will the contestants decide?