It’s Official: Introvert Hangovers Are A Thing

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It’s hard to explain what being an introvert is like, especially if you’re talking to someone on the more extroverted side of the spectrum.

Because of course you like parties, and of course you don’t hate people - you just need a break from them is all.

And now, science is here to back us up - because an ‘introvert hangover’ is actually a thing.

[Photo: Pexels]

It all started with writer Shawna Courter publishing a post for Introvert Dear, a community and blog for introverts.

She described an introvert hangover as this (and it’s oh-so true):

“Introverts have a more limited ration of energy available for socialising, compared to our more extroverted counterparts. When we push past those reserves, we hit a tipping point where we go from being ‘fine’ to ‘definitely not okay.’ An ‘introvert’ hangover is, simply put, a withdrawal into oneself brought on by overstimulation.”

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And then there’s the science to back this idea up - according to Metro, one study showed that introverts already have a lot of neuronal activity in their reticular activating system (RAS), and are highly sensitive to external stimuli. This means that introverts are easily overstimulated - in other words, find everything a ‘bit-too-much’ more easily.

And predictably, extroverts are the opposite.

So don’t feel bad if you have to hide away from the world from time to time - we’re all just different.

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