Isabella Strahan Is Getting Support from LSU’s Greg Brooks Jr. amid Their Brain Tumor Journeys: 'Fight On'

“I just finished my second cycle of chemo, he just finished his second cycle. We’re making it through together,” Isabella, 19, said of LSU football player Greg Brooks Jr.

Michael Strahan's daughter Isabella Strahan had a smooth second round of chemotherapy for her brain tumor.

On Thursday, the 19-year-old student and model posted the latest installment of her YouTube series, where she's been sharing her health journey after having emergency surgery in October 2023 to remove a large medulloblastoma — a type of malignant tumor — in her cerebellum.

In the vlog, Isabella is at the Duke Children's Hospital & Health Center in Durham, North Carolina with her twin sister Sophia, preparing for treatment.

“We’re at Duke now and guess what we’re doing. We’re icing my feet and my hands,” she said before her sister takes the camera showing Isabella’s hands and feet submerged in buckets of ice.

“This is what the world wants to see!” Sophia teased.

Isabella then documents the moment a nurse accesses the chemo port in her upper stomach, closing her eyes and squeezing a stress ball as the needle was inserted. The device was surgically implanted and attached to a vein in her upper chest area in order for healthcare providers to draw blood and give treatments.

“It feels fine. You could just feel the needle hit the skin,” she admitted. “It doesn’t hurt at all! Everything feels nice.”

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<p>Isabella Strahan/YouTube; Gregory Brooks/Instagram</p> Isabella Strahan and Greg Brooks Jr.

Isabella Strahan/YouTube; Gregory Brooks/Instagram

Isabella Strahan and Greg Brooks Jr.

After getting hooked up and beginning chemo, Isabella pointed out that she and her family were all wearing “Pray for Greg Brooks” sweatshirts for Louisiana State University football player Greg Brooks Jr.

Similarly to Isabella’s story, Brooks was diagnosed with medulloblastoma and underwent emergency brain surgery in September 2023 to remove the brain tumor that was located between his cerebellum and brain stem.

Isabella shared that she reached out to him because they have the same rare diagnosis and they were eventually connected through his grandmother. The pair are now supporting each other through their respective chemotherapy journeys.

“We’re on the same treatment schedules,” she said. “We keep in touch every day and he’s really inspiring. He’s the one I keep very close touch with and I can't wait to meet him in person one day. He’s the sweetest and his family, they’ve helped me.”

“I just finished my second cycle of chemo, he just finished his second cycle. We’re making it through together. Fight on,” she added. “Please just pray for Greg because he’s so sweet.”

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<p>Isabella Strahan/YouTube</p> Isabella Strahan and her family wearing t-shirts in honor of Greg Brooks Jr.

Isabella Strahan/YouTube

Isabella Strahan and her family wearing t-shirts in honor of Greg Brooks Jr.

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Isabella then ended the vlog by showing off the drawings she made while getting treatment, noting that she brought a sketchbook to stay occupied because of how bored she was during her first round of chemotherapy.

Prior to her trip to the hospital, Isabella spent some quality time with Sophia, reuniting with her twin while she’s been studying at Duke University.

In another vlog post earlier this week, Isabella gave her viewers an update on how much longer she’ll be undergoing treatments.

“It’s number two chemo… that means four to go!” she said, pointing the camera to Sophia in the hospital with her. “That means that after this is over then there’s just four more months.”

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