Is The Great British Bake Off Enforcing Gender Stereotypes?

[Photo: BBC]

The Great British Bake Off is back, and men and women across the country are preparing to put on at least a stone by the time the series has finished.

But over on Twitter, the #GBBO hashtag is fuelling more than just excitement, as people aren’t happy about the BBC’s promo photoshoot for this year’s competition.

Can you spot why?


[Photo: Twitter/BBC]

Yep, each contestant is pictured in the same way - with a mixing bowl and icing - but the women have pink icing, and the men blue.

And Twitter is not happy.


[Photo: Twitter/Tim Farron]


[Photo: Twitter/Amber Meikle]

People have criticised the BBC of having “backward” attitudes and being “embarrassingly dated”.


[Photo: Twitter/Well Fed&Well Read]

Because if you think about it, is a ‘pink for girls’ and ‘blue for boys’ attitude really relevant in 2016? Even children’s toy shops are starting to (slowly) move away from the trend.


[Photo: Twitter/Omar Kuddus]


[Photo: Twitter/Bethan Smith]

And others have pointed out that GBBO had no problem in making everyone’s icing pink in previous years, so why the sudden change?


[Photo: Twitter/Rich Cooper]

Was there a concern that the formerly-pink icing was sapping away the male contestants’ manliness? Is blue even that masculine? What makes a colour masculine or feminine, anyway?

What gives, GBBO? We need answers.

What do you think? Is the BBC reinforcing gender stereotypes? Tweet us at @YahooStyleUK.

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