Ironton in Bloom honoring trees

May 4—IRONTON — Ironton in Bloom will begin its season celebrating trees.

Carol Allen of IIB said blooming trees are her favorite part of the season.

"Redbuds and dogwoods abound, immersing white, shades of pink and soft purple blossoms. Mixed into this beautiful combination are flowering fruit trees, azaleas and weeping cherry trees finally awake from their winter slumber," Allen said. "Whether visiting our city or venturing to Vesuvius or further into the county, you will see these trees brightening the barren landscape that is finally slowly greening.

In addition to their beauty, Allen said, trees remove carbon dioxide in exchange for oxygen, one of the reasons IIB plants trees in downtown.

"The carbon dioxide that makes up much of the emissions from cars, industry smokestacks, etc., is utilized by plant life and as a result, oxygen is pumped back into the atmosphere," Allen said. "Additionally, trees provide shade and summer cooling, hold soil in place and absorb run off water and snow melt."

IIB planted a tree in celebration of Arbor Day, which was April 26.