Introducing ‘Brekkie Wear’: McDonalds Launches New Fashion Range

McDonalds has launched a new range of loungewear. Yes really! [Photo: Instagram/mcdonaldsau]

It’s the perfect morning-after-night-before pick me up, but from today you’ll be able to thank McDonalds for more than just curing your hangover as they launch a range of all-day loungewear. Because…why not?

We must admit when news of this dropped in the Yahoo Style office we thought it might be an April fool, just a few weeks early. But no jokes, it seems the fast food giant is after it’s own bite of the fashion burger.

To celebrate the launch of their ‘All Day Breakfast’ across Australia, McDonalds have teamed up with Sydney-based designer Emma Mullholland to create the limited edition collection for a very good cause.

They’re Lovin it! [Photos: McDonalds Australia]

The ‘brekkiewear’ includes a button-up dress, pyjama bottoms and a t-shirt with bacon & egg McMuffins, hash browns and other breakfasts faves plastered all over them.

But should your love of a good old Maccy Ds extend to the point you want to wear it, you’d better be quick as only 300 items will be available via a dedicated eBay store.

Priced from $35 (around £25), all proceeds will go to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

What a time to be alive!

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