Beauty blogger offends with vitiligo inspired make-up look

A beauty blogger has been slammed for a make-up look that appeared to mimic the skin condition vitiligo [Photo: Twitter]
A beauty blogger has been slammed for a make-up look that appeared to mimic the skin condition vitiligo [Photo: Twitter]

The fashion and beauty industry has been making strides to become more inclusive of late by throwing light on people who defy the stereotypical standard of beauty.

Earlier this year Marc Jacobs unveiled it’s latest campaign featuring a stunning model with the skin condition vitiligo, to a collective round of applause from the Internet. And back in February Gap Kids featured a child model with the condition in ads posted in store windows.

And of course model Winnie Harlow, who also has the condition, has been making huge strides on the catwalk after being discovered on ‘America’s Next Top Model’. Though Harlow didn’t win the competition, she’s gone on to pose, unretouched, for brands including Desigual and Diesel.

But despite the fact that vitiligo and other differences are being embraced, there are still times when people don’t quite get things right when it comes to pushing for diversity.

And a beauty vlogger who created a vitiligo makeup DIY is getting called out as being one of those times.

Beauty vlogger Golgi Apparatus (@Golgiknowsbest on Instagram) is known for their out-of-the-ordinary make-up looks. Earlier this week, the make-up artist posted a look which had white patches around the eyes and mouth and was quickly called out for trying to mimic people who have vitiligo.

Unsurprisingly the look quickly went viral and social media was not impressed. Some people went online to express their upset and explain that skin conditions are not beauty trend.

The Internet was not happy about the ‘vitiligo’ look [Photo: Twitter]
The Internet was not happy about the ‘vitiligo’ look [Photo: Twitter]

“See what we’re NOT gonna do here is mimic skin conditions and make them a makeup trend,” one user wrote on Twitter alongside a screenshot of the look.

Others shared their own experiences of living with vitiligo, including the bullying they, or their loved ones with the condition, had faced.

“This makes me LIVID. My beautiful cousin has vitiligo and was severely bullied her whole life over this condition. She herself is a work of art. This is not art,” one user commented.

“So does mine […] This has me boiling,” another added.

Following the backlash Golgi deleted the photo and made a statement apologising for any offence caused and explaining that the look wasn’t meant to reflect vitiligo and was in fact inspired by drag queen Valentina.

“I deleted the post,” they wrote.

“I didn’t expect for this to get NEARLY as much attention as it did, so I was shocked when I came home from work to see so much fighting.

“To clarify: this look was inspired by a photo of @allaboutvalentina in which she had grey splotches on her face and running down her arms. This look was just a way for me to have more fun/experiment with my makeup.

“I in NO WAY intended for this to represent vitiligo, and I sincerely apologise that it offended so may people.

“I do admit I could’ve clarified that a bit more, but we all learn from our mistakes!”

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