The internet is convinced Melania Trump's 'body double' is back

Olivia Morris
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Claims Melania Trump has a body double are, once again, making their rounds on the internet.Source: Getty

Claims that Melania Trump has a body double are, once again, making their rounds on the internet.

New footage has surfaced of the First Lady of the United States boarding Air Force One with her husband, President Donald Trump, in Ohio last week and many claim it isn’t Melania.

The video posted on Twitter already has 2.6 million views and, as you’d expect, has got many people talking.

“Well that’s just weird. Body double?” one person on Twitter said.

Another compared photos of Melania from earlier on the day, claiming the Melania boarding Air Force One was “absolutely not her”.

“The hair color [sic] isn’t even the same,” one other person added. “And her hair is parted in two different places. People do not often change where they part their hair.”

Others claimed her facial structure was off, as was her handshake.

Earlier this month conspiracy and extraterrestrial life expert Mary Rodwell told Yahoo Be the possibility of Melania having a clone or body double is definitely feasible.

“Anything is possible, probably even more than we think is possible,” Mary said. “There is a lot of evidence to show they (the government) have been cloning humans for a number of years.”

“So the possibility of replacing someone with a clone double is more than likely.”

Could Melania Trump actually have a cloned double? The internet certainly seems to think so. Source: Getty

Last year the internet went into a spin when a conspiracy theory went viral that the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump, had been replaced by a body double.

Then in June social media, again, went into meltdown claiming “fake Melania” was back.

Well, it’s clearly not over – the “fake Melania” saga continues.

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