An interior designer’s guide to upping your home's kerb appeal

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Expert guide to upping your home's kerb appealDulux

We're all swayed by a bit of kerb appeal, throwing an admiring glance at those houses with a well-kept front garden or impressive entranceway. It's all too easy to forget about the outside of our houses, but if we’re going to invest time and money on the interior, it’s important to give a little love to the exterior too – it really can be the icing on the cake! So where to start?

First work out your budget

It's crucial that you know how much you have to work with. This will help you focus on your priorities and decide what's worth investing in.

Consider your motivation

Is it to bring a smile to your face each time you return home? Or are you looking to create a great first impression in order to sell? The answer will influence some of your decisions.

Know your limits

There are lots of simple DIY fixes that will transform the front of your house, but some jobs may need a professional. So be realistic and budget for expert help where necessary.

Chat to your neighbours!

You’ve probably seen features in houses nearby that you like, such as landscaping or bin stores. Why not knock on the door and ask for recommendations for local tradespeople or suppliers who might be useful?

green front door

Kerb appeal on a budget

If your budget is modest, consider these simple ways to spruce things up.

1. Paint your front door

Choose a colour that reflects you and what you love. And for a harmonious look, tie it into the palette of your interior.

Need a new front door? If you're on a budget, save with a door from a company such as Howdens, which has brilliant reasonably priced options, and elevate the look by spending on a great paint job and sleek door furniture.

2. Number your house in style

Mark your home as one of the smartest on the street with a bespoke sign or number. Etsy has lots of options.

art deco house number, stained glasspurlfrost window film
Stained glass house numbers from PurlfrostPurlfrost

3. Declutter your hallway

The entrance sets the tone for the rest of the house. When you step through the door, you want to feel relaxed and pleased to be home, so make sure it's tidy with a place to put everything. Piles of shoes and boots cluttering up the hallway don’t make a good first impression. Banish them all by investing in some outdoor shoe storage. Garden Trading has a good selection in various sizes.

4. Add plants

Go Green! Natural greenery really softens the look of the front of your house and can help disguise less attractive but necessary things such as bin stores or even your car. Bluum offers a range of bespoke bin and log stores with green roofs to be planted up.

How to bring your design to life

Don't embark on a major project without checking out these great services, as recommended by Andrew – they'll help shape ideas as big as your imagination!

1. Back to Front Exterior Design Consultancy can transform the whole look of your home:

2. The Paving Planner from Bradstone is a free tool for planning a patio or driveway:

3. Marshalls Garden Visualiser allows you to create your ideal 3D garden design:

4. If you have a period tiled pathway that has seen better days, check out The Vintage Floor Tile Company and Lassco before ripping it up. These reclamation specialists have a treasure-trove of evolving stock and could offer pieces that mean you’ll be able to repair it.

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