Inside Spain’s first women-only hotel

Laura Hampson
Som Dona

Mallorca, one of Spains hedonistic summer havens, has welcomed the countrys first women-only hotel .

Made by and for women, Som Dona Hotel is located in the islands seaside town of Porto Cristo and opened this summer.

We believe the future of tourism [comes down to] the specialisation and personalisation of the travel experience, Joan Enric Capell, CEO of Som Hotels, tells the Standard.

Som Dona, as a women-only hotel, will meet the demand for the increasing trend of women travel, which is seeking tailor-made products and services.

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Som Dona has 39 rooms with views of the surrounding forest. Each room comes with customisable services, such as pillow and aroma menus, and the food served is made with zero-kilometre' products, meaning its been locally sourced.

The hotel is also a five-minute drive from some of Mallorcas best beaches, and there are plenty of activities to do during the stay as well, including caving, sailing, walking and cycling.

(Som Dona)

Available for women aged 14 and over, the hotel says it is targeting singles, couples, mothers with daughter, business women, friends and relatives.

The hotels concept came about when Som Dona conducted market research and found that most women seek stunning destinations, are driven by healthy lifestyle habits and love to socialise with other women.

We want to go further and make every experience unique by matching our customer needs, Enric Capell explains. Currently, we are working hard on experience packages based on fitness activities, health and detox retreats, discovering local culture, among others.

Last year a women-only island opened in Finland. Run by SuperShe, the 8.4 acre island houses 10 guest cabins, spa amenities and facilities for adventure activities.

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