Inside Man viewers make same complaint about new BBC drama

The BBC's new drama, Inside Man, made its highly anticipated debut on Monday night and while many viewers were glued to the screen, some took to Twitter to complain about the plot.

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Starring David Tennant and Stanley Tucci, the four-parter follows a vicar in a quiet English town, a murderer on death row, a maths teacher trapped in a cellar and a journalist looking for a story.

WATCH: What did you think of episode one? 

While the first episode introduced various storylines, it was vicar Harry Watling's string of bad decisions which see him protecting a paedophile that left viewers confused.

One person took to Twitter, writing: "What started good became preposterous as soon as the vicar lied to the tutor. It totally lost the plot. Very disappointed. Goodbye," while another added: "Ridiculously improbable plotline, what a pity #insideman."

A third person commented: "I'm so confused by the decision making or lack thereof in Ep1 of #InsideMan."

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However, many viewers found themselves entertained by the "preposterous" plotline. One person tweeted: "#InsideMan isn't very plausible and it doesn't make much sense why the Vicar wouldn't just tell the truth but if not taken too seriously it is thoroughly enjoyable and doesn't let up for a second. Perfect TV for inattentive people," while another added: "Ok it's preposterous but I really enjoyed the first episode of #InsideMan."


David Tennant stars as vicar Harry Watling

A third commented: "Loved the first episode. Totally bonkers and highly entertaining. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out."

Other fans simply praised the gripping instalment and its writer, Steven Moffat, with one person writing: "Loved the first episode of #InsideMan. Great acting and an engaging storyline. Looking forward to the next episode on Tuesday. Tennant, Tucci and West were all especially good."


Stanley Tucci stars as Jefferson Grieff

Another added: "#InsideMan was absolutely FANTASTIC on @BBCOne tonight. Terrific cast, terrific writing and some gorgeous camera work at the helm. Music bangs, humour works & the plot is thriving. Already… I'm so intrigued and biting my nails for tomorrow's next instalment. Well done @SWmoff ."

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