Inside Endgame, the book that promises to make the Royal family feel ‘ashamed’

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have always denied working with Scobie
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have always denied working with Scobie

Omid Scobie’s latest offering on the Royal family promises to reveal moments it should be “ashamed of” and to shine a light on “unsolved mysteries”.

Extracts of Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival, published in Paris Match, include a series of revelations and allegations about everyone from Harry and Meghan to Princess Anne.

Scobie, 42, has also given an interview to the French magazine.

Buckingham Palace has so far declined to comment on his many allegations, some of them highly controversial and potentially defamatory, but has not ruled out doing so in the future.

Harry and Meghan have denied any links to Endgame, rejecting any suggestion that they are “affiliated” to Scobie.

Below, we take a look at nine of the most significant allegations from the latest extracts.

Meghan won’t ‘dive back into royal soap opera’

Although Harry appears keen to reconcile with his family, Meghan has moved on and has no interest in building bridges, the books reveals.

At the Queen’s funeral last September, the Duchess of Sussex “felt ignored by all the members of the Firm” and has no desire to return to England, where she had never felt at home.

Scobie suggests that her son Archie’s fourth birthday, which fell on May 6, the same day as the Coronation, was simply used as an excuse for Meghan not to travel.

In his interview with Paris Match, Scobie said: “Meghan has made it clear that she never wants to be involved in the British monarchy again.”

He suggested that, contrary to reports, Meghan did not want to pursue a career in US politics.

“I don’t think she’s interested,” he said. “Working in the philanthropic field offers more freedom.”

William and Harry

Duke of Sussex and the Princess of Wales
The brothers are said to be 'at an impasse' - DOMINIC LIPINSKI/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Scobie claims Prince William is disappointed by his brother’s life choices and confirms that since the publication of Spare, he has had no personal contact with him.

He told the magazine: “William is very angry with his brother, especially since the release of Spare.

“It’s true that today, the two brothers are at an impasse but isn’t that true of many families?

“Tomorrow, they could become the best friends in the world again, without us understanding why.”

Scobie said that reconciliation would only be possible if the brothers could shed their anger and jealousy.

“William should also recognise his share of responsibility in the departure of Meghan and Harry,” he added.

Prince William ‘cold’, and impatient to be King

The heir to the throne is portrayed in Endgame as a cold, ruthless figure who cannot wait to ascend the throne.

Scobie claims he has a terrible temper that he manages to keep under wraps in public, describing him as “reserved on the pitch, but unpredictable” off it.

“When something doesn’t suit him, his anger immediately escalates,” he told Paris Match.

While Charles “leads with his head and his heart, William is colder,” the book alleges. “He wants the job done and he has no problem with casualties along the way.”

Scobie suggests the Prince of Wales is happy to move on from the past and is only interested in his future as monarch.

“The Prince of Wales is eager to ascend the throne,” he writes, “A real impatience is created around him.”

Prince William is said to be buoyed by his popularity with the public, to the extent that he is “sometimes more concerned about his own image than that of the institution”.

The author claims that when the Prince founded the Earthshot awards, the King would have liked to have been included in the project, or at the very least thanked for paving the way.

However, “William acted as if Charles’ passion did not exist,” he says.

The Prince also played a key role in the downfall of his uncle, the Duke of York, at the height of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

Scobie suggests it was William who was able to convince his grandmother, Elizabeth II, to punish her “favourite son”, while Charles could not bring himself to hurt his brother.

“[He] was in tears because he was afraid for Andrew’s mental health,” Scobie writes.

Princess of Wales saw Meghan as a ‘rival’

Princess of Wales and Duchess of Sussex
The sisters-in-law are said to have a complicated relationship - Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

The Princess considered her future sister-in-law a “rival” from the moment she appeared on the scene in 2016, according to Scobie.

He quotes a source close to the royals as saying: “She spent more time speaking about Meghan than to Meghan.

“Each time that she heard about Meghan, Kate shook with giggles.”

Scobie suggests that the Princess is lazy but also, “calm” and “sure of herself”.

The book alleges that the Waleses allowed their staff to circulate negative rumours about the Sussexes, claiming that the “media war” was far from over.

Restricted to ‘harmless’ exchanges

The King is said to have warned members of the Royal family not to trust Harry following the publication of his memoir, Spare.

When his younger son flew to London to attend a High Court hearing in March, the King ignored his request for a meeting, according to Endgame.

Instead, he ordered an assistant to tell him he was “busy”.

Similarly, when Harry contacted his father, the King “appeared cautious” in his approach, sources close to him suggest.

“He wanted to limit their discussion to a harmless exchange,” the book states. “As far as Harry was concerned, the message that circulated in the family was not to confide in him… everyone took it very seriously.”

Regardless, the Sussexes do keep the King up to date by sending him pictures of their children and sources close to them have recently suggested that the father-son relationship might have turned a corner.

Harry ready to put feud behind him

The Duke and Duchess
The Duke and Duchess are said to have different takes on reconciling with the Royal family - AP Photo/Peter Dejong

The Duke of Sussex is ready to put the bitter feud with his family behind him and move on but Meghan has refused to have anything to do with them, Scobie claims.

He quotes the Duke as saying: “I’m ready to forget. Get an apology or explanation? At this point, who cares, right?” By comparison, he says the Duchess, 42, has moved on and would not be extending any such olive branch.

Meghan “refuses to dive back into the soap opera,” he writes, according to translations of extracts published in Paris Match magazine.

The Duke’s apparent change of heart concerning his family comes 11 months after he demanded “accountability” as a precursor to any chance of reconciliation.

When his memoir, Spare, was published in January, he made it clear that he believed they owed him an apology and said the “ball was in their court”.

He also demanded they apologise to Meghan, addressing them directly when he said: “Because you know what you did, and I now know why you did it.”

Scobie acknowledges that, despite his threats, Harry has failed to find common ground with his family but says he has come to accept that the current stalemate might never be broken, “especially with his brother who flatly refuses to speak to him”.

Princess Anne and Frogmore

The Princess Royal with the King
The Princess Royal is said to take a firm approach against the Sussexes - Paul Marriott

The King’s formidable sister, the Princess Royal, 73, is portrayed as the chief architect of the decision to evict Harry and Meghan from Frogmore Cottage, their Windsor home.

Princess Anne is described in the book as being “at the forefront of the supporters of the firm approach” taken against the Sussexes.

She “is said to have persuaded Charles to withdraw the use of Frogmore Cottage” from the couple, Scobie claims.

Meanwhile, the Duke of Edinburgh, 59, is described as the only member of the family who felt “uneasy” about his nephew and was concerned about his mental health.

The Sussexes’ team received a letter from Sir Michael John Stevens, keeper of the privy purse, who stated that as the Duke and Duchess were no longer working members of the Royal family and lived abroad they should return the keys to Frogmore Cottage, the use of which was a wedding gift from Elizabeth II.

Harry is said to have pleaded with his father: “You don’t want to see your grandchildren anymore?”

Meanwhile, Scobie describes the ultimately unsuccessful plan to offer the property to the scandal-hit Duke of York, “the true pariah of the clan,” as “incomprehensible”.

Late Queen almost perfect but King has faults

In his interview with the magazine, Scobie noted that when he started writing his book, Elizabeth II was still alive.

He said that after the Diamond Jubilee, it felt like a good time to “take stock of the monarchy”, claiming that there was often not enough focus on “perspective”.

“Today, I think we can ask all the questions about this institution,” he said.

“During the lifetime of Elizabeth II, we did not necessarily dare. Certainly because we respected her too much.”

Scobie admits that in many ways, he believes the King has done a good job, particularly on the international stage.

But he said the monarch had also proved “incapable of uniting and reuniting his own clan”.

“I think for 70 years we were spoiled with the Queen because she was close to perfection,” he added. “Charles is just a human being, with his faults.”

Scobie claimed many within the royal institution doubt the King’s ability to modernise and are impatient to see the Prince of Wales crowned.

“This feeling of excitement around William, I never felt it around Charles,” he added.

Scobie’s struggles after Finding Freedom

Scobie suggests that he was punished after the publication of Finding Freedom in August 2020.

“I found that my relationships, my contacts, everything was put to the test,” he says.

“William even kept me away from his engagements for several months, thinking I was Harry’s emissary… there have been times when I haven’t been able to work properly because of the repercussions of this book.”

Scobie said that wild rumours were circulated to try to discredit his work, including the false claim that he was paid a salary by the Sussexes.

“I am not their friend and never have been,” he said.