Alesha Dixon's diet revealed: what the Britain's Got Talent judge eats in a day

Nichola Murphy
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Even when she has a busy work schedule, Britain's Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon still manages to follow a healthy diet and exercise regime. Alesha has previously admitted she is a pescatarian, so her diet features lots of vegetables, grains and pulses with the added benefit of the healthy fats and protein from seafood.

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Her two daughters Azura, six, and eight-month-old Anaya also appear to love her healthy meals. See the foods the former Mis-Teeq singer eats regularly, and the hilarious way her children have helped her diet during the COVID-19 lockdown...

What does Alesha Dixon eat for breakfast?

Her breakfast meal largely depends on how she plans to spend the day ahead, but she told Women's Health: "I always have a ginger shot." The wellness drink is believed to help reduce inflammation and soothe digestive issues, so it's the perfect way to start the day.


Alesha starts the day with a ginger shot

When Alesha's got a gruelling workout planned, she'll follow it up with a filling meal that will keep her energy levels up, such as porridge with sliced banana and almond milk or a poached egg. Otherwise, avocado on toast or half a grapefruit are her go-to meals, along with green tea, water and smoothies.

What does Alesha Dixon eat for lunch?

Soups and salads are Alesha's favourite lunch dishes. "I love salads and lean fish and when I can I eat sashimi and sushi. I'm now a pescatarian. Also, I love roasted vegetables, avocado and aubergine as well," she told the Daily Star back in 2013.


The doting mum shared a sweet photo of daughter Anaya enjoying broccoli

A recent photo the 41-year-old shared on Instagram showed her youngest daughter Anaya giggling after a meal containing lots of broccoli - with the evidence all over her face and tray table. So a love of veggies clearly runs in the family!

What does Alesha Dixon eat for dinner?

As well as pasta and spicy foods, Alesha has been open about her love of Jamaican food - a cuisine that reminds her of her childhood. While she said her brother is a great cook, she said she loves to whip up Jamaican dishes when she's in the kitchen, so we imagine oxtail stew, curried goat and homemade coleslaw are some of her specialities. "It's the food I grew up eating and it's probably the food that I'm best at doing," she told Matalan.

While fish has featured heavily in her food choices in the past, the mum-of-two is slowly switching to a vegan diet. “I’m a pescetarian so dinner might be salmon with green beans and sweet potato. But I have been cutting back lately – now we know that fish can contain plastics and microbeads, it’s no longer necessarily the healthier choice," she explained, before admitting to Women's Health she would swap her salmon for tofu, quinoa and stir-fried vegetables.


The Britain's Got Talent judge revealed her daughters have prevented her from drinking more wine during lockdown

However, even Alesha loves a treat occasionally, whether that's a glass of wine, strawberry cheesecake or Maltesers - but perhaps her new vegan diet will see the star adding new dairy-free treats to her cupboard.

But she credits her kids for helping her limit her unhealthy habits. "The first two or three weeks of lockdown all I did was bake and drink wine, then I said, 'Nah, I can’t do this for three months,'" The Mirror reported. "Having children is what keeps me sane. There’s always that part of me that says, ‘You’ve got to keep it together for your girls.’ If I didn’t have them I’d ­probably drink more wine."

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