Innocent: All you need to know about ITV drama starring Lee Ingleby

It might seem that TV is having a bit of a hard time of late, but luckily lots of great shows that we've loved before are returning to our screens for us to enjoy once again, and one of those shows is Innocent. The first series of the thriller was released on ITV back in 2018 and whether you missed it the first time or need a refresher before watching again, here's all you need to know...

What is Innocent about?

The four-part series focuses on David Collins, a man convicted for murdering his wife Tara, but he protests his innocence. Meanwhile Tara's family are sure of his guilt and hate him as a result, and their two children are being brought up by his wife's sister Alice. Then, after much campaigning along with his brother, David is released from prison on a technicality but the guilt is still over his head in the eyes of others – something he wants to change.

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Lee Ingleby stars as convicted murderer David who protests his innocence

Who stars in Innocent?

Playing the lead role of David is Lee Ingleby. TV drama lovers will recognise Lee Ingleby from his stints in Line of Duty, Inspector George Gently and The A Word. Alongside Lee is Hermione Norris who plays Alice, Tara's sister and new guardian to David's children. In the show, David's brother Phil – who campaigns for his release – is played by Daniel Ryan. Daniel appeared in other ITV drama The Bay in 2019, and has also starred in Mount Pleasant and Home Fires. Other actors in the drama include: Nigel Lindsay, Adrian Rawlins and Angel Coulby.

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Hermione Norris and Adrian Rawlins also star

Will be there be a series two of Innocent?

After the success of the first series, ITV announced they were commissioning a second series. They also revealed that the second instalment of the drama would be a completely new story, but based on similar themes. Sounds intriguing right? Production was due to start on the show in early 2020, however due to the coronavirus lockdown, we can't imagine a series two will out any time soon. But when it is, we're sure it'll be worth the wait!

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