The Inheritance: viewers saying the same thing about new Channel 5 drama

Gaynor Faye and Jemima Rooper in The Inheritance
Gaynor Faye and Jemima Rooper in The Inheritance (Channel 5)

Channel 5's gripping new thriller, The Inheritance, made its debut on Monday night and it's safe to say the opening episode went down a storm with viewers.

For those who have yet to watch the drama, it follows three siblings, Daniel, Sian and Chloe, whose lives are thrown into chaos following the unexpected death of their father Dennis, who left them nothing in his will.

Taking to X, previously Twitter, viewers praised the compelling first episode and the intriguing story. One person wrote: "Really liked episode 1. Twisty and a good cast, once a week for three more on channel 5," while another added: "Just starting #TheInheritance on Channel 5. So far very good first episode. Expect there will be some twists and turns."

A third person commented: "#TheInheritance wow what a first episode, so many secrets. dramatic cliffhanger as well. Can't wait to watch the rest of it."

Robert James-Collier, Gaynor Faye and Jemima Rooper in The Inheritance
Robert James-Collier, Gaynor Faye and Jemima Rooper star as siblings Daniel, Sian and Chloe (Channel 5)

Viewers also remarked on the star-studded cast, which includes Downton Abbey actors Robert James-Collier and Samantha Bond, as well as soap star Gaynor Faye.

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One person tweeted: "#TheInheritance on Channel 5. Really enjoying it, great cast and an intriguing storyline," while another added: "#TheInheritance Liking this so far. Great cast. Love Gaynor Faye."

Some viewers, however, were a little disappointed that the entire series isn't available to stream on My5, with the audience having to wait until next Monday for episode two.

Gaynor Faye, Larry Lamb and Jemima Rooper in The Inheritance
Larry Lamb plays Dennis (Channel 5)

One person wrote: "I've just seen the first episode of this four-part drama on Channel 5. Very watchable, but a pity it's not being shown on consecutive nights this week. Viewers have got to wait until next Monday for more details on Larry Lamb's death to be unravelled."

A second tweeted: "Really enjoyed episode 1. Shame to have to wait a whole week for the next  #TheInheritance."

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What is Channel 5's The Inheritance about?

The four-part series follows siblings Daniel [Robert James-Collier], Sian [Gaynor Faye] and Chloe [Jemima Rooper], who are left reeling following the shocking death of their father, Dennis [Larry Lamb].

When they discover that Dennis has left everything to a mystery woman, they embark on a dangerous journey to figure out if his death was truly an accident.

Samantha Bond as Susan in The Inheritance
Samantha Bond as Susan (Channel 5)

"As the siblings begin to question everything they thought they knew about their father, they become increasingly suspicious that this woman, Susan [Samantha Bond] had something to do with his death," the synopsis reads.

"So, a family who look harmonious and loving start to show the cracks borne of years of secrets and jealousy. Secrets are exploded, relationships ripped apart, and lives lost.

Jemima Rooper, Gaynor Faye and Robert James-Collier in The Inheritance
Viewers praised the opening episode (Channel 5)

"As the siblings try desperately to claw back their inheritance and make sense of what is happening around them…asking the question, is blood really thicker than water?"

The Inheritance continues with episode two on Monday 11 September at 9pm on Channel 5.