People can’t get over the size of influencer’s engagement ring after week-long proposal

Social media users weren't impressed with the influencer's engagement ring [Photo: Getty]
Social media users weren't impressed with the influencer's engagement ring [Photo: Getty]

In the social media age, it’s no longer enough to propose over a candlelit dinner with the overwhelming pressure to secure maximum Instagram likes seeping through every couple’s plans.

So it wasn’t entirely surprising when Los Angeles-based influencer, Dhar Mann, spent a whole week proposing to his travel blogger girlfriend, Laura G, in the most social media-worthy way possible.

But the problem with building up to the grand moment is that you’re guaranteed to heighten people’s expectations with followers left disappointed by the eventual engagement ring.

A photograph of the supersized rock soon graced the divisive ‘That’s it, I’m Ring Shaming’ Facebook page with a number of users calling out the jewel.

“All that for something I can get out of my daughter’s toy box?” one wrote.

Another added, “It looks like something I would have received as part of a prize at an arcade when I was five and would wear for a week until the ring part snapped.”

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“It’s comically huge and looks fake,” a third user commented.

But followers were less critical over on the bride-to-be’s Instagram page with users dubbing the rock, “gorgeous” and “beautiful”.

The couple teased the proposal, which has since been turned into a YouTube episode, over seven days with a series of luxury activities lined up before the groom-to-be got down on one knee at the Eiffel Tower.

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First of all, he blindfolded his girlfriend and surprised her with a new home - one surefire way to set the bar incredibly high.

By the second day, he’d gotten permission from her parents to propose and sent her family away on a relaxing spa day.

Fast-forward to the third day and it was time for a shopping spree in Beverly Hills. Day four? Disneyland Paris was on the cards while a fancy hotel room surprise made the cut on day six.

On the final day, Mann finally popped the question in a seriously awe-inspiring moment with the Eiffel Tower posing as the perfect backdrop. We’re talking candles, violinists and fireworks too.

But what do you make of the engagement ring?

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