The Indonesian Restaurant That Made One Of Anthony Bourdain's Favorite Martinis

Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain - Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

The late Anthony Bourdain took audiences around the world to remote corners and travel hotspots with his television programs, exploring the food that made up the cultural backbone of many countries. But Bourdain wasn't only interested in sampling and appreciating the food -- he was known to enjoy a couple of drinks as well. And there's one spot in Indonesia that Bourdain claimed had the best martinis outside of New York City.

The Bourdain-favorite martini spot in question is Naughty Nuri's, an Indonesian warung located just north of Ubud. A warung is a usually streetside, modest shack serving up traditional foods in Indonesia. Warungs are frequented by locals, tourists, and expats alike, and over the years, Naughty Nuri's has grown, becoming one of the most popular spots in Indonesia. There were many other restaurants that Anthony Bourdain loved, but what made Naughty Nuri's martini stand out to the famed writer, chef, and tastemaker?

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All About Bourdain's Beloved Indonesian Martini

four martinis from naughty nuris
four martinis from naughty nuris - naughtynurissanur/Instagram

While Anthony Bourdain's favorite pre-dinner cocktail was actually a Negroni, he famously knocked back three martinis in a half-hour at Naughty Nuri's. Bourdain sat down with Brian Aldinger, half of the husband-wife duo that founded Naughty Nuri's in 1995 after falling in love in Indonesia. Aldinger claims that Bourdain wrote in their guestbook that the Naughty Nuri's had "the best martinis in the world."

The martini itself contains 110 milliliters, or three and a half ounces of vodka or gin, making for a hefty pour. That generous pour has helped make the martinis world famous, with the restaurant offering a spot on "Nuri's Wall of Fame" to any guest that can handle four "Twisted Martinis" or margaritas. And that's not just a piece of paper with your name on it. No, you'll have your name carved into the wall for all to see. One guest even captured on video the unique way the martini is served at Naughty Nuri's -- with a dance as the servers shake the martini up for you, living up to the restaurant's namesake of staying a bit naughty and having fun.

The Lasting Appeal Of Naughty Nuri's In Ubud

Naughty Nuri's warung restaurant
Naughty Nuri's warung restaurant - ben65a/Instagram

Isnuri Suryatmi, the iconic Nuri herself, is the other half of the founding duo, who met Aldinger when he first came traveling through her native Indonesia. She is responsible for cooking the restaurant's delicious food. While Naughty Nuri's originally served only small bites and drinks, it eventually added a barbecue. Now, many guests seek out Naughty Nuri's for the food as well as the infamous martini, specifically its signature barbecue pork spare ribs. You can also find more traditional Indonesian foods on the menu, such as Nasi Goreng, the Indonesian take on fried rice and eggs.

Many other celebrities in addition to Bourdain have paid a visit to the spot, including fashion designer Donna Karan and actress Julia Roberts. But to this day, Naughty Nuri's remains a hotspot for seemingly everyone living in or passing through Ubud. Because what's not to love about a fun, no-frills spot serving delicious, sticky barbecue ribs and giant martinis that were Anthony Bourdain's favorite?

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