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When Ina Garten's favorite cookware goes on sale, we shop — save up to 50% on Le Creuset

Ina Garten
Ina Garten–approved cookware is on sale at Sur La Table!

If you’ve ever watched the Barefoot Contessa on TV, you know how graceful and magical Ina Garten is, as she effortlessly up beautiful meals for herself and her husband, Jeffrey. She's the real deal — not just a charming TV foodie, but a true expert, thanks to many years as a professional chef and caterer.

That’s why we trust her implicitly when it comes to high-quality cookware. Among her favorite brands is the widely beloved Le Creuset, known for its sturdy construction, classic good looks and hefty price tag. So we were thrilled to learn that Sur La Table is offering epic New Year's discounts on Le Creuset. For a limited time only, you can save up to 50% on the brand's iconic pieces including Dutch ovens, skillets and casseroles.

This classic round Dutch oven is what you might think of when you hear the name Le Creuset. It's the pinnacle of the collection, a lifetime piece made of enameled cast iron, polished and finished by hand; the colorful exterior is designed to resist chipping. It retains heat brilliantly. At 3½ quarts, it's perfect for soups and one-pot meals, like chili.

"This is an incredibly versatile and useful pot," shared a happy home cook. "I love cookware that serves multiple functions, and this one does just that. I use this pot to cook soups, stews, beans, lentils, rice, risotto, edamame, pasta sauce, quick vegetable stocks and blanched veggies. I use this pot so much that it doesn't even go into a cabinet. I just leave it on the cooktop after cleaning it...."

All eight colors of this versatile piece are on sale — some for as much as $140 off.

$200 at Sur La Table

If you already own a Dutch oven, but want to take advantage of the Le Creuset deals at Sur La Table, consider this buffet casserole. It's shallower than the dutch oven, which makes it perfect for searing meats, steaming vegetables and sauteeing just about anything. The dimensions (and sleek lines) make it a perfect stove-to-table piece.

"A very attractive and practical pan," one shopper wrote. "I needed a large skillet and was planning to get a cast iron one. This is so much prettier for serving, and it's easier to clean. I've used it multiple times for many meals including stir fry, pasta dishes, shrimp scampi, and cornbread!"

The same integrity as the iconic Dutch oven, but in saucepan size. You'll use it every day. 

$180 at Sur La Table

For smaller spaces, Le Creuset's Signature Saucepan is bound to become the busiest piece in the kitchen. It's made of enameled cast iron just like the Dutch oven, but at just 2.25-quart it has a smaller footprint — just right for smaller stoves and meals for one or two people.

A shopper who purchased the saucepan said, "I have a large collection of Le Cruset cookware, however I did not have this sauce pan. It is just fantastic and is great for making small batches of [everything from] soups to desserts and dips. Like all Le Creuset products, it's so easy to clean."

Durable and chip-resistant, this popular low-profile baking dish (measuring 14¾" × 9") provides superior heat retention.

$100 at Sur La Table

Though Le Creuset is famous for its enameled cast iron cookware, it also makes wonderful stoneware, great for baking and casseroles. This rectangular baker, which comes with a lid, has a lovely finish that resists chips and cracks; since the surface is non-porous, it won’t absorb odors or flavors. Well-designed handles make it easy to remove from the oven. And it's so pretty, it can go straight to the table, filled with lasagna, roasted veggies or brownies. And get this: The lid doubles as a platter! So smart.

"I love this combination of the baker and platter," wrote a five-star fan. "It is one of my go-tos, from casseroles to cakes. It is thick and heavy, perfect for the oven and cleans like a dream. Classic quality you expect and get from Le Creuset."

The prettiest skillet we ever did see: Dinner prep is absolutely transformed when you're working with top-notch cookware. 

$100 at Sur La Table

Everyone needs a good cast iron skillet for frying up grilled cheese sandwiches, steak and more. This 9-inch beauty is especially sturdy and long-lasting, thanks to chip- and crack-resistant enamel. It's ideal for cooking at high heat, and it's also oven-safe, which is great for getting a bit of browning under the broiler. Bonus: It has sloped sides and spouts on both sides to make pouring off excess grease a breeze (whether you're a righty or a lefty).

"What a pleasure to use this Le Creuset skillet!" gushed an enthusiast. "My husband uses it for eggs several times a week, I use it for toasting a sandwich at lunch and for a beautiful presentation of hot dips straight from the oven. It heats quickly, has proven to be nonstick, looks gorgeous from oven to table and will be a hand-me-down gift for generations to come."

How adorable is this solo-serving pot? 

$22 at Sur La Table

If you're looking for a more affordable item with the Le Creuset label, consider this darling 8-ounce cocotte, on sale now for less than $25. It has a premium enamel-glazed interior and is ideal for heating up individual servings of cozy favorites like baked ziti, stew and more. A little luxury goes a long way.

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