17 "That Doesn't Sit Right With Me" Type Of Photos That'll Make You Spiral Into Oblivion

17 "That Doesn't Sit Right With Me" Type Of Photos That'll Make You Spiral Into Oblivion

I feel like I need to see a doctor because none of the photos I just saw look right to me. Please take a look at these 17 photos from r/weird and let me know in the comments if they look normal to you or not:

1."Yo, why does this dog look like some dude named Allen?"

Dog with a human-like expression sitting on an office chair

2."Two ticks on a tick, which was on my cat."

Tick engorged with blood with other ticks attached to it

3."I only get goosebumps on one side of my body, ever since I had spine surgery."

Close-up of a person's legs, details of skin texture visible

4."The previous reader used hair as a bookmark."

Person holding a napkin with strands of hair on an open scientific textbook

5."I went past a sign that said 'do not enter' and found this."

A long straight road with tire tracks and shadows from trees on its surface, under a cloudy sky. No persons
u/ShadowsGirl9 / Via reddit.com

6."Woke up and found two patches of dried blood on my arm, with no cuts anywhere."

Person's arm with healing abrasions, near a bathroom sink with toiletries in the background

7."What is happening to this egg?"

Person holding a partially peeled boiled egg with an unusual pattern on the white
u/nala_beans / Via reddit.com

8."A strange number texted me HI in all caps. Then I respond and get this."

A smartphone screen showing a text message conversation with an unknown contact, including a greeting and a reply with a question

9."Shopping for school supplies and saw these..."

Stacked children's backpacks with distorted print of a female character's face from media
u/MrMiracle27 / Via reddit.com

10."I walked up to my car after having some late drinks and found this."

Someone holding a slice of bread with "HELL" written on it

11."Found this in a house we're renovating."

Doll with painted face lying on grass beside a wall, wearing a white outfit

12."My Lyft driver is a flat earther."

Box with various symbols and text "Is it possible that your entire life is a lie?" held in a person's lap

13."Why did someone put a fish here?"

A car with a fish under the windshield wiper

14."Weird flight experience."

A damaged airplane window with a makeshift patch, bright light shining through
u/dvrooster / Via reddit.com

15."Does anyone else have scars they've had their entire lives, with no idea where they came from?"

Close-up of a person's wrist showing skin folds and a few hairs

16."Seen in Oak Harbor, Ohio."

A circumhorizontal arc creates a spectrum of light in the sky
u/Nickyluvs2cum / Via reddit.com

17.And finally, "Double en suite."

double toilet with the tank separated from the bowl, placed next to a bathroom cabinet
u/Stephen_Is_handsome / Via reddit.com