I'm proudly single, says Saweetie

Saweetie is proudly single credit:Bang Showbiz
Saweetie is proudly single credit:Bang Showbiz

Saweetie is "proud" to be single.

The 29-year-old rap star has revealed that she plans to address the speculation about her love life on her new album, 'The Single Life'.

Saweetie - who previously dated rapper Quavo of Migos - told PEOPLE: "I feel like a lot of my private love life has been publicised on the media and the internet, so it's time for me to speak up.

"I think the best way to respond to my perception is through the music 'cause honestly, if you don't know me personally, I'm not gonna have a personal conversation online."

Saweetie also insists that she's "comfortable" being single.

She shared: "'The Single Life' ... what it means to me is just me standing on being single. We need to be comfortable in just being single.

"And if you want to go here and go there, that's OK too. But I'm a single woman and I'm proud to be with myself."

Meanwhile, Saweetie previously revealed that her ambition has been fuelled by sexism.

The chart-topping rap star - whose real name is Diamonte Harper - has experienced sexism throughout her life, and she remains determined to prove her doubters wrong.

The 'Best Friend' hitmaker said: "I’ve always proved people wrong. I’ve always proved men wrong.

"I think that women deal with it, not only in the [music] industry, but in everyday life, you know, not feeling equal or not being respected. So I wouldn’t even put my focus on experiencing it in the industry.

"I’ve experienced sexism all my life, but I think in times like that, it just fuels my ambition to just prove those who may not see me as an equal wrong."