19 Signs From This Past Week That'll Make You Laugh Wayyyyyy Harder Than Any Joke Your Ex Ever Made

February is here, and the funny signs just keep on rolling in. So let's take a moment and enjoy the best of the week, courtesy of r/funnysigns:

1."Is anyone curious about what 'more' is?"




3."I’ll have the soup and salad, please."


4."Everything happens for a reason…"


5."I really like this sign."


6."You are the solution to my problems."


7."That car is a beast!"


8."The most useful sign."


9."Words (pics) to live by."


10."Take care of the beer like a baby."


11."Great advice."


12."Is that a sign or a philosophical statement?"


13."Funny bar sign."


14."Always use the stairs."


15."His bark is bigger than his bite."


16."Don’t wet the dry."


17."You really should."


18."Obvious sign?"


19."This sign is so right."


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