'I'm judged for giving kids screen time – but it feels like only way to get stuff done'

child holding smartphone
A mum sparked a screen time debate on Instagram (stock photo used) -Credit:Getty Images

How much screen time should children be getting?

It's a question that definitely splits opinion – with some parents seeing nothing wrong with technology and others preferring to raise their little ones in the old fashion way.

Instagram blogger Anneliese King is someone who has also had mixed feelings about devices over the years. While she has "mum guilt" about using them, distracting her kids with tech can feel like the only way to get stuff done.

But the influencer says partnering with the the Pok Pok app has changed her opinion on screens. She claims the game is a great way to "calm" children who struggle to sit still for long periods of time.

And since Anneliese shared the post, many praised her for the advice. Some said they've tried the app out, and they admitted the kids "loved it".

One person said: "Feels. Thanks heaps for the suggestion!!" Another wrote: "Need them to expand to Android compatibility! My daughter would absolutely love this app!"

Others weren't so convinced about the method though – with one blunt critic even accusing the mum of "giving up on parenting".

They replied: "Getting 'things done' isn’t that hard without screens, and putting your kid in front of an iPad is giving up on parenting."

And another said: "Screen time gives my kids ADHD symptoms and rage. So yes, there are screen free parents and yes, we get nothing done."

While letting children spend all day in front of screens is a bad idea, health authorities do agree that it can be helpful if done in moderation. You should also aim to focus on educational content and not mindless scrolling or TV bingeing.

Advice from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends that children should have TV free days, or have a two hour limit on screen time.

But it adds: "A limited amount of child-friendly screen time can be educational, but it’s important to ensure the content is appropriate for your child’s age."