I'm fascinated by OnlyFans, says Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling is fascinated by OnlyFans credit:Bang Showbiz
Tori Spelling is fascinated by OnlyFans credit:Bang Showbiz

Tori Spelling is "fascinated" by OnlyFans.

The 49-year-old star has revealed that she's become a huge fan of the content subscription service over recent weeks.

She shared: "I was just kind of fascinated by the whole OnlyFans, and I'm not gonna lie, I was like, 'Let me check it out. What does it entail?'"

Tori also revealed that she "subscribed under a fake name" to Denise Richards' OnlyFans profile.

The actress told SiriusXM: "I looked at it, and of course, it shows something, and unless you subscribe, you can't get it. So, of course, I subscribed under a fake name.

"It's riveting, because they're like, 'Hey, we might show you this in this shower.' And I just want to see. It's my friend. Like, 'Hey, how far is she going?'

"They say, allegedly, if you tip them, they get back to you faster. So, I was like, 'Hey, love what I'm seeing. Would love to see some more'. I ended up, in the course of two days, spending $400. I couldn't stop."

Meanwhile, Tori previously claimed that she's developed a thick skin during her time in the spotlight.

The actress first appeared in films and on TV in the 1980s, and Tori has learned how to deal with the speculation that surrounds her life.

She explained: "I started when I was 16 and had no idea what was going to come along with it and just it was more negative than positive at first. That was before people actually saw celebrities, so you didn't get to know them through reality TV or, you know, I was able to write a book.

"I learned at a young age to be like, ‘OK, just keep going, just keep going'. So I feel like I'm dead inside. No, I'm just kidding. Just have really thick skin. It still gets to you of course, you're human, but you learn to build up a resistance I think."