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I'm a pro baker, and these are the kitchen deals I'm most excited about today — save up to 60% on Ninja, KitchenAid and more

Score Amazon's No. 1 bestselling air fryer for $80, a gorgeous $70 Lodge Dutch oven that rivals Le Creuset and more.

Kitchen Deals: a Ninja air fryer, blue Lodge Dutch oven and a red meat thermometer, all on a colorful background
Save up to 60% on cooking must-haves from top brands like Ninja, Lodge and more. (Amazon)

If the sizzle of butter hitting a hot pan is your definition of satisfying, there's a chance you and I are long-lost twins. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but our shared love of food and cooking would certainly make us friends. And a true friend wouldn't gatekeep any worthwhile sales they might have stumbled upon, which brings me to these kitchen deals I want to share with you today. After all, cooking and baking is infinitely more enjoyable when you have functional (and, yes, beautiful) tools to do it with, so if your arsenal could use a refresh, you've come to the right place.

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Of course, not all deals are created equal — so why take my word that these are worth your time? Well, I'd like to think that as a former professional baker who now hunts down and writes about kitchen sales for a living, I've got a bit of cred. And so do these finds, from the celeb-beloved Our Place Always Pan (on rare sale for $40 off) to a warm weather darling called the Ninja Creami (this viral at-home ice cream maker is down to $149 from $199). There's more where those came from, so go fix yourself a snack and start scrolling.

Bring your crispy, crunchy culinary dreams to life by way of Amazon's No. 1 bestseller in the air fryer category. It has a wide temperature range (from 105°-450°F) and can roast, reheat and dehydrate, all in one machine. Plus, it's compact but can fit up to 2 pounds of fries in its basket.

"Perfect for one or two people," shared an air fryer newbie. "I can prepare healthier versions of food like wings and fries that turn out restaurant quality. I've received compliments on my wings — friends couldn't believe they weren't fried in oil. [It] saves time and energy, and there are so many uses."

$80 at Amazon

This multi-use, nonstick beauty just might become your most-utilized piece of cookware, thanks to its thoughtful design (which has attracted celebs like Selena Gomez and Oprah, by the way). The ceramic coating is slick and free of PFAS, while the handle smartly doubles as a spoon rest. Speaking of utensils, it comes with a wooden spatula and metal steamer basket that can be used as a colander, and it's oven-safe up to 450°F for added versatility. 

"So much nicer on my wrists than my heavy pans," gushed a satisfied buyer. "Absolutely nothing sticks. So excited to add color back into my kitchen as well. I will say, the pan holds a lot more than it appears and is perfect for most meals."

Check out my full Our Place Always Pan review for more. 

$150 at Amazon
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$110 at Nordstrom$150 at Saks Fifth Avenue

'Tis the season for enjoying tasty frozen treats, and this wildly popular appliance will satiate your sweet tooth in between trips to the ice cream truck. It churns out everything from ice cream and sorbet to milkshakes and more — just add your ingredients, freeze overnight, press a button and ta-da! Plus, you'll be able to customize your creation with your favorite mix-ins. This is just about as low as I've seen it on sale for. 

"I am dairy-free, and finding a delicious dairy-free ice cream has been extremely difficult for me," explained a (now) happy scooper. "Now I'm able to make my favorite flavors at home dairy-free! It's super easy to use [and] cleans easily ... my only complaint is it sounds like an airplane, it's so loud."

Check out our full Ninja Creami review for more. 

$149 at Walmart

If you've ever watched Barefoot Contessa, these bowls will surely look familiar — they're Ina Garten's go-to mixing vessels! Because they're made of glass, you'll be able to see if all of those dry bits at the bottom of your batter get incorporated, and at $32 for a set of 10, this price is even better than Amazon's. 

"Received this set for a wedding gift, and decades later we still find it the most-used thing in our kitchen," wrote a fan. "Durable, easy to clean and versatile."

$32 at Sur La Table

Wait — you don't need a big backyard to grill your heart out? Holy smokes! (Actually, there's no smoke involved with this appliance.) When the craving for charred hot dogs and burgers inevitably hits, you'll be able to cook 'em up right in your kitchen. No mosquitoes, no humidity, no slathering yourself in sunscreen. Plus, you can swap the grill grate for the included flat-top griddle for flipping pancakes and fried eggs just like at your favorite diner. 

"Tried it out last night on a 16-ounce ribeye," shared a user. "It did an excellent job of grilling it. There was no smoke, no grease on the outside of the lid or counter and cleanup was a breeze. The lid went into the dishwasher and the grill grate cleaned up in two minutes. This got rid of all the reasons I hated grilling certain things in the house."

Check out our roundup of the best grills of 2024 for more. 

$100 at Amazon

Le Creuset who? I cook with Lodge Dutch ovens at home, and this one is just the right size for a smaller household. The slick enameled interior cleans like a dream, while the sturdy cast iron offers excellent heat distribution and retention. Plus, it's so pretty you won't mind leaving it on the stove for everyone to admire. 

"Don't tell my KitchenAid mixer, but I think I love this more," joked a reviewer. "I'm Greek and cook a lot. I've used this for everything from pasta dishes like manestra to frying keftedes (meatballs) — [I've] even used [it] to bake bread! It's a great item for one-pot meals. While it gets plenty hot because it's cast iron, the enamel makes deglazing and cleaning a breeze. I use mostly silicone and wooden tools, but even with metal utensils, I haven't had any chips. ... Lodge is a great brand for those of us who can't quite afford Le Creuset."

Check out my full Lodge Dutch oven review for more. 

$70 at Amazon

This nifty fridge lazy Susan was designed to maximize space (while minimizing food waste). It's rectangular to make the best use of your fridge shelves, and it rotates 360 degrees so you can easily see — and remember — everything you have before it spoils. 

"Gone are the days of old sauces, jars and containers getting stuck in the back of the fridge to turn into a forgotten fuzzy science experiment," shared an impressed shopper. "This amazing turntable makes everything on the tray really easy to grab and find, we are a lot less wasteful because we have access to it all on the turntable. We love it!"

Save $7 with Prime and coupon
$18 at Amazon

Yes, this top-seller might technically be called a meat thermometer, but don't underestimate its value when it comes to liquids and baked goods. The most accurate way to tell whether food is done cooking is by taking its temperature, and this gizmo presents a reading in seconds.

"You remember sticking a fork/toothpick in a pan of brownies to see if they are finished yet? Think of this as a more advanced fork!" wrote a home cook. "I've found the readings to be very accurate for cooking quiche, baking cakes, as well as cooking steak and chicken. This is a good tool to have in the kitchen for food safety, as well as making better food, since you'll be less likely to overcook when ensuring food safety temperatures are met. Recommended temperatures are printed on the back as well for quick reference."

$10 at Amazon

Rachael Ray, Ina Garten, Giada De Laurentiis and even Reese Witherspoon use Boos Block cutting boards, so you know you're getting a quality piece. Having a large slab like this will allow you to prep multiple ingredients on the same surface, and it's reversible in case you'd like to separate vegetables from meat. The indented handles on each side make for easier carrying too. 

"Terrific cutting board," raved one shopper. "I have the tiniest kitchen in my apartment, and after watching some organizing videos, I realized I should make my small counter space completely covered by this sturdy cutting board. Why bother storing those dinky bamboo cutting boards when my complete surface is usable for food prep!"

$125 at Amazon
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$125 at Sur La Table$125 at Lowe's

These No. 1 bestsellers are heat-resistant up to 500°F, thanks to their silicone coatings — and not only that, their ribbed design offers better grip than cloth mitts, plus they're water-resistant to protect your hands from hot splatters. They come in over 20 colors, though prices vary. (This pair is 60% off!)

"These oven mitts are a game-changer in my kitchen," declared a buyer. "The ribbed silicone design provides a secure grip on hot pots and pans, giving me confidence when handling them. The soft inner lining is comfortable to wear and provides excellent heat protection. I appreciate that they are flexible and allow for easy movement of my hands, unlike some other oven mitts that can feel stiff and bulky. Plus, the set comes with two mitts, so I always have a backup when one is in the wash."

$14 at Amazon

Every home cook needs a good knife or two, and this affordable set will have you slicing and dicing with ease. Made by Henckels, a brand with over 100 years of knife-crafting experience, this duo includes 5.5-inch and 7-inch santoku knives. Their shorter, fine-edged blades are suitable for precision chopping and thinly slicing while their lightweight construction makes for effortless movement. 

"Bought these to replace some of my older knives," shared a content customer. "They work great and come sharp out of the box. I like the two sizes and they both fit in my hand well. Easy to grip and control while cutting."

$30 at Amazon

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