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I’m a home editor and rely on these Yeti stackable cups daily — they're on rare sale for 25% off

Choose from a cornucopia of finishes and shades during Yeti’s secret sale … going quickly!

You've probably heard this before, but it bears repeating: The National Academy of Medicine recommends drinking 13 cups and 9 cups for healthy men and women, respectively. And studies link water in particular to heart health, weight loss, joint lubrication and alertness (it’s also vital to your kidneys). Enter Yeti's Stackable Rambler Cups, which have become my former best-kept secrets for staying hydrated and alert when on the go and working from home throughout the week. Keep reading to learn what makes them my go-to, and scoop one up — or a bunch! — up on sale for 25% off (while the deal and supplies last).

Grab a Yeti Rambler Cup to support your New Year’s resolutions and in plenty of time for all of your favorite warm-weather activities.

$26 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

Good (as in sturdy, insulated) tumblers — and especially Yeti tumblers — don’t come cheap, and Yeti's 26-ounce Stackable Rambler Straw Cups are currently on sale as part of a rare deal for 25% off (knocking off a quarter of the original price), down almost ten bucks and ringing in at just $26 a piece. And that’s not to mention all the money you’ll save on single-use water bottles you’d otherwise be tempted to purchase — for yourself and/or for thirsty loved ones — when running errands or traveling.

Why do I need this?

I’ve been collecting Yeti ramblers for some time now, and the brand’s Rambler Straw Cup is about as handy as they come. Not only is it the perfect size for everyday use (big enough to hold a good amount of water but not so big that it requires a handle to carry), but the water actually stays cold and, while not completely leak-proof due to the straw cutout, the lid locks on tight. It also comes in a rainbow of colors, from classic White and Black to bright Rescue Red and whimsical Cosmic Lilac (I’m currently loving the earthy Camp Green, too). Last but certainly not least — and perhaps the biggest selling point for me as a small-space dweller — is that this version of the Yeti Rambler Straw Cup is stackable and therefore nestle together nicely when packing and storing (not to mention preserve travel bag and cabinet space). You can also grab a few of Yeti’s Rambler MagSlider Lids (Large is recommended for the 26-ounce cups), which instantly turn these straw cups into tumblers for hot beverages. I love the versatility!

yeti ramble straw cup
yeti ramble straw cup


What reviewers are saying

"Great everyday use cup," shared one verified shopper. "I've had this cup for a little over two weeks now and I can say that it's been my go-to for just about every drink I've had! It's perfect for both hot and cold drinks, but my favorite use is for smoothies since the straw is wide enough to handle small chucks of fruit and ice. Plus it keeps your drink at the correct temperature for hours ..."

"Keeps your drink cold!" confirmed a second. "I’m famous for getting water for myself and forgetting it on my desk, kitchen counter, car, wherever. (I’m a mom who's pulled 100 different ways daily!) This keeps your drink cold for hours. I’m not talking 2-3 hours. I mean OVERNIGHT. It surprises me every time. Also, it’s really easy to clean with no small pieces to scrub with a tiny brush. No one has time for that. Anyway, buy this. You will not regret it."

"Better than all the others!" exclaimed a third. "I've had a few different types of insulated drinkware. All good; none of them bad but I got this one today and was surprised it's heavier than expected. Well made and not cheap ... I'm surprised you can wash it in the dishwasher ... "

The Yeti Rambler Straw Cup’s BPA-free, condensation- and shatter-proof design is also dishwasher-safe for easy maintenance.

$26 at Amazon

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