I'm 45 and my skin has never looked so fresh - here's how


When it comes to facials and full body treatments, I admit that in my lifetime I certainly haven't had enough, and I definitely want more (who doesn't?).

So, with the chilly January weather and central heating being unkind to my complexion, the chance to review a 90-minute detox and renewal treatment had me smiling.

Off I went to London's award-winning skin clinic Waterhouse Young to trial their very impressive soundingHydraPressoElixir Treatment. I had zero clue what hydro, presso or elixir were, but I was keen to find out.

The HydraPresso room
The HydraPresso room

The treatment combines the clinic's four best-selling treatments: HydraFacial, Pressotherapy, Celluma + WOW Fusion, which are said to "transform your skin, detox and renew your lymphatic system and leave you glowing from the inside out". Yes please.

According to Waterhouse Young, the benefits are a clearer, more refined complexion, increased luminosity and reduced inflammation on the face, and the "ultimate detox" for the body via pressotherapy using a lymphatic drainage suit.

Pressotherapy is said to boost circulation, increase oxygen flow, remove toxins, reduce bloating and fatigue and restore one's natural vitality.

After being struck down with Covid in November and a hugely overindulgent Christmas, this full body pampering was EXACTLY what I needed. I'm 45, and like most of us, am faced with wrinkles, dry skin and dark circles. Help is needed.

The Pressotherapy suit

Sophie in the HydraPresso room during the treatment
Sophie in the HydraPresso room during the treatment

So, into the treatment room I went, and as you can see from my photo, I looked like an amazing space-age person in my drainage suit. More on that later.

To start with, I had to get into the suit, which made me giggle. I've seen celebrities using these at home on their Instagram pages and always wondered what on earth they are for, and now there I was in one myself. How glam.

I was zipped up, and I have to admit, it instantly felt pretty cosy and relaxing. I would be in the Pressotherapy suit for 45 minutes while my face treatment was carried out and was told that the suit "helps to detox the body by moving toxins to your lymphatic nodes".

I'd never worn anything like this so I was fascinated by it. It was so interesting feeling the suit tighten around different parts of my legs and stomach – I just surrendered to it. Good work was being done.

The Hydrafacial

Next it was onto my facial and I have to say, it was incredible.

Firstly, the clinician gave me a deep cleanse and exfoliation. She prepped my skin by sloughing away dead skin cells using gentle lactic acid and marine algae extracts.

Then it was time for extraction (anyone else love watching this on TikTok?). All those little impurities and blackheads were removed using antibacterial salicylic acid and honey extract to soothe. If you have any stubborn blackheads, now is the time for the manual extractions.

Next up was the skin booster. This involved using Dermabuilder (peptides to strengthen the skin barrier) and Britenol (Vitamin C to brighten and a great antioxidant for the skin). After this stage, hyaluronic acid was pushed into my skin for deep hydration.

Honestly, my skin had never had so much attention, and it wasn't over yet.

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WOW Fusion and Celluma light

WOW Fusion was next, which is manual microneedling using a 0.6mm needle to stimulate Collagen and Elastin production. The process pushes a "cocktail infusion" of hyaluronic acid and over 50 antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and co-enzymes further into the skin.

After this, the Celluma LED light was put over my face (see photo). Here comes the science bit from the clinic…

"Celluma uses three scientifically proven wavelengths of light energy simultaneously. Blue light kills acne-causing bacteria, clears existing breakouts and restores the skin's health appearance.

"Red light increases collagen and elastin production, improves the look of fine lines and wrinkles, increases circulation, decreases inflammation and aids in wound closure.

"Near-infrared affects tissue in a similar way to red but can reach cells deeper into the body. This wavelength is great for relieving arthritic, joint and muscle pain as well as muscle stiffness, soreness and spasms."

I know, I know, I'm a lucky girl. As I was lying there I was thinking how easily addicted I could become to this amazing treatment and I may need a profitable sideline.

When my light treatment was finished, the serum ALL SKIN | MED Regenerating Growth Factor Ampouleswas applied to my face, which is said to enhance results and aid skin recovery. Lastly, they applied the sunscreen Heliocare Gel Oil Free SPF50.

And with that the multi-stage treatment was finished and I saw the results in the mirror.

Sophie's skin post-treatment
Sophie's skin post-treatment

My skin had never looked so refreshed and clear, my wrinkles had practically disappeared and my face was incredibly soft – although I was advised not to touch my face for the rest of the day and to avoid washing my face or going into steamy environments. I was thrilled with the results.

Back home, the results of the facial continued for days afterwards. I was so surprised how long the effects lasted, my forehead wrinkles were barely visible. I really recommend this treatment.

As for the Pressotherapy on my legs and stomach, I felt more toned and healthier, so I'd definitely do it again.

The HydraPressoElixir Treatment gets a big thumbs up from me.

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