Idina Menzel debuts a dramatic bob haircut transformation

idina menzel bob haircut transformation
Idina Menzel debuts bob haircut transformationGETTY - Getty Images

If there's one thing that could defy gravity, it would be Idina Menzel's hair, seeing as she's just let go of her long lengths in replacement for a wonderful chin-skimming bob. And although this may seem like the first time in forever since a transformation as dramatic as this, we couldn't help but anticipate it, seeing as it is January – that time of year for makeovers. Oh, I'm sorry, I couldn't hold it (read: the awful song puns) back anymore.

Cryptic Idina Menzel fangirl moment aside, the singer took to her main feed Instagram page just yesterday to debut her new haircut. Celebrity hairstylist Paul Norton had the honour of creating her new look and I must say, it's super chic.

"So this happened today. 💇🏻♀️", Idina wrote in the caption of her post.

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As we can see, Idina has opted for a very on-trend cropped bob, styled in textured curls and, of course, a middle part. In the last few months alone, and joining Idina in her new short hair era, we've seen celebrities including Jenna Ortega, Emma Watson, Nicole Scherzinger, Michelle Pfeiffer, Avril Lavigne, (need I go on?) take the plunge with major cuts. And as ever, we're so here for it!

For context (and added dramatic effect), let's take a look at the star's locks prior to the big chop. Below is a post shared early in November of last year.

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I mean, going from having below-chest-length tresses to a face-framing cut is quite the change. That and a considerable weight must be lifted, no? Didn't think of that, did ya?

BRB, I'm off to reconsider growing my hair out, book in a chop and then regret every life decision ever made.

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