ICYMI, Your Black Mascara’s Color Likely Comes From Crude Oil

Black-colored makeup products like mascara and eyeliner are a staple in many makeup routines. In fact, many cosmetic companies have expanded beyond the conventional black shade to offer darker shades like "very black" and "ultra black." Yet, many makeup lovers do not know how some of their favorite products get their rich, bold pigment. The truth is, many of these cosmetic products get their color from materials like crude oil, coal or non-renewable resources, like iron oxide. According to The UNSEEN, these resources are at times obtained through unethical mining practices, too.

The innovative brand goes on to explain that when the crude oil is burned, it creates carbon black, a dark-colored powder used for pigment in products that can potentially lead to health issues if used excessively.

As a result, The UNSEEN has partnered with Living Ink Technologies to use the biomaterial manufacturer's first-of-its-kind sustainably made black pigment in its cosmetics. The new eco-friendly black pigment derives from upcycled algae biomass.

The UNSEEN's "ABSORPTION" collection is five years in the making and includes a black mascara and eyeliner containing the new algae technology, aptly named "Algae Black." Together, the duo created the eye-safe and skin-safe black pigment products using "carbon-negative" algae and "reducing carbon emissions by 200% compared to typical carbon black production," according to the brand's website.

UNSEEN's "ABSORPTION" collection can be purchased on the brand's website.

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