This New Iced Latte Flavour From Caffè Nero Looks INSANE

If there's one thing that signals the end of winter to us, it's picking up an iced latte when it's slightly too cold to be doing so and pretending it's definitely warm enough to be drinking it.

As if the sound of an icy latte right now couldn't get any better, we're very pleased to be relaying the news that Caffè Nero has announced they're releasing two brand new iced latte flavours for 2023!

Following the success of the indulgent pistachio iced latte from the coffee chain last year, Caffè Nero is bringing two more gorgeous-sounding latte flavours to their coffee shops this spring.

The first is a cherry and vanilla iced latte that's a cute pink hue and sounds like just the thing to ease us into spring. Sipping on a cherry flavoured iced latte beneath blossom-laden trees in the park? Dreamy.

If you're not into the fruity vibe, perhaps the new coconut and caramel iced latte will bring you joy. Made using coconut milk, this one's a creamy, toasty, tropical dream of a drink that's also suitable for vegans.

caffe nero iced lattes
Caffe Nero

Fans were going wild in the comments of the Instagram post on Caffè Nero's account, saying they were super keen to try the new flavours.

Commenters were praising the hot version of the pistachio latte and wondering if they would be seeing a hot caramel and coconut or cherry and vanilla latte in the future. We're not too sure how a hot cherry and vanilla latte would pan out, but hey, give the fans what they want!