Ice-T Thinks His Physique Is ‘Not Bad for 66'

Ice-T Thinks His Physique Is ‘Not Bad for 66'

ACTOR AND RAPPER Ice-T is feeling his oats. The Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star, who has played Sergeant Fin Tutuola on the long-running crime procedural franchise for 24 years, recently turned 66 – and he's pretty happy with the current state of his health and fitness.

He's just posted a shirtless mirror selfie to social media, showing off his toned physique, along with the tongue-in-cheek caption: 'Looked in my mirror this morning.. Not bad for 66. If I say so myself.. lol.'

In addition to his long-running gig on SVU, Ice-T (real name Tracy Lauren Marrow) is getting ready to go on tour with his heavy metal band Body Count; they announced in January that they'll spend two months playing across Europe, starting on June 2.

The performer is known for cranking out the same short bodyweight workout every single morning, and he's sure to be sticking to that strict regiment ahead of the tour. His daily fitness plan includes 100 bicep curls, 25 to 50 reps on bench press, and 10 pull-ups.

Back in 2022, shortly after turning 64, Ice-T reflected on his fitness philosophy, and explained that longevity is his main goal.

'I'm one of the older hip-hop cats... People are like, "wow, you don't look 64" all the time, and I tell them that’s because I take care of myself,' he told GQ. 'I've seen some of my friends pass away in their forties from just neglect... It's a wake-up call now, as men – especially black men – we don't go to the doctor until something's wrong. I want guys to know it's OK to look out for your health, care about your family, and care about your loved ones.'

'At this point in my life, you know, I'm trying to push positive things,' he added. 'Us gangster rappers – me, Snoop, everybody – we've always been the bad guys. It was time for us to be the good guys right now. So I want to be the best version of myself.'

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