Ice Spice ditches her Annie-like pixie cut for long red Ariel curls

ice spice goes from an annielike pixie cut to long ariel curls with new scarlet hair
Ice Spice looks so different with Ariel curlsGetty Images

If you are still yet to familiarise yourself with Ice Spice, then you best get to it, as she is TikTok's latest sensation taking the app by storm with her viral song 'Boy’s a liar Pt. 2' (spoiler: it's a banger – so much so that North West jumped at the chance of a collab!).

Now, other than her tunes, the rising star is also known for her signature hairdo. And when I say signature, I mean it's so recognisable that Lil Nas X dressed up as her for Halloween. Iconic, much?!

Although the neon orange colour is down to hair dye, her Annie-like curly coils are natural and have been styled and worn in a short cropped pixie cut 'fro since making her industry debut. However, that is until now...

For a recent shoot with Dazed Magazine, where she appears as the cover star of their spring 2023 issue, Ice Spice has ditched her trademark look and instead, replaced it with longer, less defined curls. And not only has the style been changed, but so has the colour – yep, the iconic copper shade is no more!

To compare (and for dramatic effect, ofc), first, let's take a look at the before style:

And now, presenting to you the after:

As shown, her new bouncy shoulder-length curls are a scarlet red colour and resemble the likes of The Little Mermaid's Ariel. I suppose all she needs to complete the dramatic transformation is a dinglehopper!

After all, Ice most definitely has the vocals to match.

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