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I practically grew up on a boat — these durable towel clips are always in my bag

Whether you're speeding over the waves or relaxing on the sand, they'll keep the wind from stealing your gear.

The first time I was on a boat, I was 3. I was with a friend's family on Lake Erie, and I loved everything about it: going over the waves, feeling the wind in my hair. Not long after, my dad fell in love with the lake life too, and my family got our own boat. After that, we spent practically every weekend on the water. And nearly three decades later, when I go home for a visit, our first stop after the airport is often the lake. My parents have fully mastered boating, and out of all their little tips, one of the best is these simple beach towel clips from Amazon.

Don't let their cuteness fool you — these clips are incredibly strong and durable.

$10 at Amazon

Why would you need towel clips? Well, they prevent your beach towels from flying over the sides of the boat as you're speeding up, keep them in place on a windy day or just prevent them from sliding off your chair when you're relaxing in the sun. Not a boater? They're just as handy on land for keeping your towels on your beach chair or slippery pool lounger.

O2Cool beach towel clips come in 12 summery designs, from flip-flops and margaritas to fish and flamingos. They're small enough to keep in your beach bag or pack in your suitcase if you're going on a cruise, and cute enough that people will stop to ask where you got them — trust me!

We've also used the clips to hang wet towels or clothes while they dry and keep chips and other beach snacks closed up. They're strong and durable — we've had the same few pairs for years.

Woman sitting on a towel-covered beach lounger with towel clips on top of the chair
These clips will keep a strong gust of wind from making off with your towel — and they look cute doing it. (Amazon)

More than 6,100 Amazon shoppers are fans of my favorite towel clips too, giving them a five-star review.

"Not only are they adorable, they are well-made and do a great job keeping your towel in place while you lay by the pool, play at the beach, or cruise the lake in a speed boat," said a fellow boater. "They work on all kinds of chairs and are small enough to toss in your beach bag."

"We've purchased several sets of these over the years and they do their job, even holding towels in place while the boat is underway (with wind)," shared another. "Sturdy, grip securely, have lasted several years now."

"These held our towels on our beach vacation," added one traveler. "The spring is strong and held the towel tightly even in high wind. And they match perfectly with my Mai Tai drinks I consumed!"

A few reviewers say they work almost too well: "Does a great job, but the spring tension is almost too strong," said one. "If you have small, weak, and/or arthritic hands, you may want to consider another way to secure a towel to your beach chair." (Fair point — but your towels definitely aren't going anywhere!)

Whether you call yourself a skipper or a beach bum, these towel clips will come in handy. Even as someone who only boats once or twice a year, I keep a set in my pool bag.

$10 at Amazon

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