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'I just want to be soaking in this stuff': Drew Barrymore's favorite face oil is on sale for just $14

Actor, talk show host and all-around glowy human Drew Barrymore knows a thing or two about skincare. For one, she has her own brand, Flower Beauty, and she serves as the creative director for Garnier Whole Blends. But what are the Never Been Kissed star's products of choice as she goes about her busy schedule? Well, one of her faves is the incredibly affordable Health Priority Organic Vitamin E Oil. And guess what? A bottle can be yours for just $14 (down from $22).

This popular vitamin E oil is among the beauty products Drew Barrymore uses every single day.

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Premium vitamin E oils that promise to plump and hydrate can cost $70+ — meanwhile, this one is a fraction of the price of the formulas you can pick up at high-end department stores.

The Drew Barrymore Show host says she's not one for injectables or plastic surgery and instead relies on skin-care products alone to keep her complexion fresh and dewy. And it's not just expensive beauty finds that will do the trick — Barrymore snags a bottle of Health Priority Organic Vitamin E Oil whenever she's at the grocery store to "douse herself with" after a week's worth of skin-damaging TV lights and makeup.

"During the week, I'm caked in makeup and frying my hair at work, so I'm just trying to bring that hydration back in," she told Well + Good. "It's become a huge priority for me in the last year, and now I just want to be soaking in this stuff."

And there's a lot of hydrating this little bottle can do. This powerhouse includes jojoba, avocado and rice bran oils for an added moisturizing punch you can use on your face, body, lips and hair. And beyond quenching seriously thirsty skin, vitamin E oil also works to diminish the look of wrinkles by locking in skin's natural moisture and promoting the production of collagen and elastin. Acne scars and stretch marks can also benefit, as the moisture-locking and collagen-promoting properties help reduce the look of scarring.

Since the oil is vegan with no synthetic oils or chemicals added, you can also rest assured you're getting the purest form of vitamin E oil to nourish and restore your skin.

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore partially credits her glowing skin to an affordable bottle of vitamin E oil. The very definition of money well spent! (Arturo Holmes/Getty)

More than 8,000 five-star Amazon reviewers are on the same page as Drew when it comes to loving this oil.

"I tried this too-inexpensive-to-believe oil on a whim," wrote one happy reviewer. "What a great oil! It easily exceeded a moisturizing oil I had been using for years that cost four times as much. Just reordered another vial of it. I am a vintage person (old) and have incredibly dry skin. This product is great and a joy to use."

"Works like magic!" said a reviewer looking to heal surgery scars. "After a major surgery a year ago, I've tried almost every product on the market to fade my scar ... After just a few days of using this product, my scar is already smoother and lighter than ever. Already ordered another bottle so I don't run out. Highly recommend."

This skeptic also became a convert, describing how much of a triple threat this oil is for dry skin, acne and wrinkles. "I struggle with acne and rosacea, and have a few wrinkles forming on my forehead. I noticed my skin clearing up and old acne spots clearing up within the first week," they said. "Within the month, my forehead wrinkles have softened. It's helped hydrate my skin, clear up acne, smooth out wrinkles and lighten dark spots. I highly recommend this product, and the price point is hard to beat."

One first-time user said: "It's a little sticky and doesn’t 'glide' on like I thought it would, but other than that I'm very happy."

This also may not be the best product for users with very oily or sensitive, breakout-prone skin. "What I didn't realize until I used it was [that] Vitamin E oils can work adversely on already oily and acne-prone skin," advised one shopper. "It can clog your pores, as you are adding excessive oil to already fully active oil glands and it can make your acne worse. This is a very nice serum, and I'm sure it would work wonders on other skin types, but unfortunately for my skin, this serum isn’t for me." (One tip? Always test any new skin-care product on your inner arm before applying it to your face.)

Shoppers say this stuff is a triple threat in the battle against dry skin, acne and wrinkles.

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$14 at Amazon

Looking for a makeup remover? Drew also loves this micellar water:

A beauty product that has over 52,000 five-star ratings and an A-list endorsement? Yes, please!

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"I pile on mascara until it feels like I need a pitchfork to get it off," Barrymore said. "In a few swipes, this water erases everything."

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