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‘I have baby feet’: This $10 pumice stone with 45,000 five-star ratings can get your feet ‘sandal-ready’

Slough away stubborn foot calluses with this must-have.

It's not quite warm enough for sandals, but it will be soon. After a winter of covering up your feet, your tootsies might need some extra TLC to get them into shape for a little more exposure. That means scrubbing them down and sloughing off the calluses and dry skin that built up over the colder months. For that, we turn to the Maryton Foot Pumice Stone Callus Remover and right now, you can get a set of four at Amazon for just $10.

This set of four pumice stones has two levels of coarseness that let you work your way up to baby-soft feet. 

$10 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

When it's time to take off those cozy winter socks, having presentable feet is a good thing, but having pretty feet is priceless. This set of pumice stones can do that and they go on sale throughout the year, but we don't expect the price to get any lower than this until November.

Why do I need this?

If you have dry, cracked feet, you probably already know that even the thickest creams can't penetrate the callous skin that they develop over the winter. These pumice stones are made to rub off that dead skin to make way for soft feet you'll be proud to show off. These stones have two different levels of coarseness — one on each side. Just soak your feet in warm water and scrub away the winter! Not only will your feet be pretty, but they'll also feel amazing when you step out sans socks.

feet with pumice stone
Slough away stubborn foot calluses with this pumice stone. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

More than 45,000 shoppers have already experienced the soft, new skin these stones are responsible for.

"My heels were AWFUL," shared a grateful convert. "They were so very bad that they often split and cracked and were so painful that walking felt like I had shards of glass in my heels. A lot of soaking, a lot of scraping, and a LOT of creams helped ... BUT I put one of these in the shower and use it every single day and I have BABY feet. No more dry cracked awful heels and no pain. I NEVER ever want a repeat of what I experienced. But I honestly believe these were a vital product in overcoming my heel issue."

"Sandblaster for your feet," another rave reviewer wrote. "If you want to keep those heels sandal-ready all year round then this is for you."

"When it comes to scrubbing away stubborn calluses and rough patches, they mean business," raved a shopper who calls these scrubbers 'foot savers'. "With just a few minutes of scrubbing in the shower, I can achieve remarkably smooth and soft feet. There's nothing worse than hitting the beach or pool with rough, unsightly feet, and these blocks ensure I'm always ready to show off my tootsies with confidence."

"I am very grateful to have found an all-natural pumice stone," wrote a happy scrubber. "It is definitely sharper than the faux ones at CVS, yet does not scratch when used on my feet. My only dilemma is that it leaves dust all over the tub."

After your first sloughing session and a few self-care days with this set, your feet will stay soft all summer long.

$10 at Amazon

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