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'I'm 76 and constantly receive compliments on my skin': Shoppers rave about this $10 firming sunless tanner

'People are always asking me — did you go tanning? Nope — that’s my lotion!' wrote one of nearly 23,000 fans.

Looking a little... pale? Pasty? Practically-transparent? Yeah, the winter (and its accompanying extended indoor time) has hit us all pretty hard, and many of us have our sickly-looking, sun-craving skin to show for it. However, if you want to add a little color to your skin ahead of the skin-bearing days of warmer weather, we've found a shopper-beloved solution that you can utilize right at home: Jergens Natural Glow + Firming Sunless Self Tanner. Right now, you can get it on sale at Amazon now for just $10.

This sunless tanner promises a difference in your skin tone after just one week of consistent use.

$10 at Amazon
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$10 at Walmart$14 at CVS Pharmacy

Why is this a good deal?

The cost of the average spray tan generally ranges between $50 to $75 a session; in a search of some of the most popular tanning salons, the price of a UV tanning bed session generally averages around $25. That's a lot of dinero to spend on just one tan — and in the case of tanning beds (or heading out into the sun to bronze the old-fashioned way), the harmful UV rays you're exposed to can set you back a lot more than just money in the future. Like, in the doctor visits sort of way. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, "Studies have demonstrated that exposure to UV radiation during indoor tanning damages the DNA in the skin cells. Excessive exposure to UV radiation during indoor tanning can lead to premature skin aging, immune suppression, and eye damage, including cataracts and ocular melanoma." Big yikes.

So not only will you save a lot of cheddar by going with Jergens Natural Glow instead at just $10 a bottle (down from $12) for multiple tans, but you might be saving yourself a lot of health anxiety in the future, too. After all, we love the sun... but that doesn't mean we have to love its negative effects.

Why do I need this?

If you need more reasoning beyond the fact that a sunless tanning lotion is a much healthier, much less risky way to achieve a nice tan on the skin before summertime hits, we'll hit you with some more benefits of Jergens Natural Glow. Thanks to its firming properties, this formula touts its ability to help reduce the appearance of cellulite in as little as seven days with daily application. And a little less visible lumpiness before shorts season? That's something we can totally get behind (pun intended). This firming is achieved with the cream's additional known skin-loving ingredients, collagen and elastin. Collagen helps tighten skin and improve elasticity, while the elastin spreads over the skin to give it a smoother look. The lotion is also super moisturizing, which is always important in maintaining the appearance of healthy skin — and which will be a huge relief to your 'dermis after a long, dry winter.

It's so easy to use, too: To enhance your natural skin tone and add a little more summer sun to your winter pale, apply in place of your regular body moisturizer at least once daily and you'll likely start to notice a difference within a week. Sundresses and skorts, here we come!

Comparison of woman demonstrating paler skin on Day 1 and tanner skin on Day 7 alongside bottle of Jergens Natural Glow
Just look at the difference a week makes! (Jergens/Amazon)

What reviewers say

A whopping nearly 23,000 Amazon reviewers have replaced baking in the sun (or in a UV bed) with Jergens Natural Glow + Firming Sunless Self Tanner, giving the lotion a flawless five-star rating.

"I am beyond being pale. I am a colorless white woman in her late 60s," confessed one recent convert. "Even sitting in the sun in the summer doesn't help, I am still too white! This product works great. ... Now, after three days, I have good color and it still looks natural. There is no fear of having streaks or dark spots because it is gradual. Highly recommended!"

Another happy user said the self-tanner has netted her tons of compliments since starting their glowing routine. "This product tans the skin, slowly and evenly, never streaking. ... I am 76 years old and constantly receive compliments on how beautiful my skin looks."

Be advised: like pretty much any sunless tanner, you do have to be careful when applying to not stain your hands darker than the rest of your body! "Always wash your hands after application or the skin in between your fingers will turn orange, and if you get your nails done it will discolor them," warned a reviewer. However, they're still a five-star fan: "I get many compliments. People are always asking me — did you go tanning? Nope — that’s my lotion!"

One reviewer shared, 'After three days [of use], I have good color and still look natural.'

$10 at Amazon
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$10 at Walmart$14 at CVS Pharmacy

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