'My husband left me a month ago - how do I tell the kids?'

Life coach and Celebs Go Dating expert Anna Williamson answers your burning questions on everything from sex and relationships to mental health and parenting. Got a question for Anna? Submit it to nicola.oakley@verizonmedia.com with 'Ask Anna' in the subject line. If you wish to remain anonymous, that's fine - simply request it in your e-mail. Q: My husband left me a month ago. He filed for divorce after two weeks. We have three kids. How do I tell them? Anna says: Firstly, you are incredible. Having three kids and dealing with a break up and parenting solo is tough for anyone, so I hope you’re getting lots of support from friends and family. Honesty and age-appropriate truth is the best way to handle this unenviable situation. If you’re still on some kind of speaking terms with your husband, it’s also worth chatting to him, calmly, about getting his help on this one – he has equal responsibilities here and it’s not ok to simply check out, leaving you to deal with it all – especially when you’re no doubt hurting too. A family breakdown is painful for everyone, not least the kids, but how parents handle it and communicate it is key to being able to move forwards in as agreeable way as possible, it will help your kids feel supported and not torn between two warring parents. Watch the video for Anna's full response