Huge '80s band shares details of shock reunion more than 10 years after last performing together

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Fans of '80s music are in for a treat as T'Pau, the iconic band, has announced they're reuniting for an epic tour.

The band, famous for hits like China in Your Hand, is set to end their 10-year hiatus with a series of UK gigs starting this summer.

T'pau, originally from Shropshire and fronted by Carol Decker, 66, also wowed audiences with tracks like Heart and Soul. They're set to perform these classics in locations including Northern Ireland, Birmingham, Manchester, Cornwall, Brighton, and even London's famous Wembley Arena later this year.

Fans can expect to hear songs from their debut album, Bridge of Spies, which was released in 1987 and sold over 1.2 million copies in the UK, going quadruple platinum.

The band disbanded just four years after their first album release when lead singer - who has since appeared on Celebrity MasterChef - Carol decided to focus on her personal life. She later married restaurateur Richard Coates and had two children, Scarlett, 26, and Dylan, 22, reports the Mirror.

After their original break-up, the band made a big comeback just six years later with fresh faces, and since then they've rocked stages at retro '80s events. Carol's not just limited her appearances to music though; she's popped up on television for laughs in the Red Nose Day rendition of (I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles with comic geniuses Matt Lucas and Matt Lucas, and she's even had a cheeky TV cameo as herself in Benidorm in 2018.


Carol opened up about facing her demons during lockdown in 2021. She got candid about her struggle with drinking, pointing the finger at boredom and a bout of depression for taking her over the edge.

In search of support, she went online for some professional help, diving into psychotherapy sessions and a mental health webinar, which she says have done wonders for her state of mind.

At that time, she confessed: "I never was a druggie ever, I tried some dope, not my thing. Tried a bit of coke, not my thing. My biggest vice is alcohol. So I would say that I've gotten myself into some bad states with booze. And I have, on many occasions, and even recently, especially with all the depression with lockdown, tried to get some kind of help, like whether it's a bit of online psychotherapy or a webinar you can complete and try and change the way you think so you don't rely on drink."