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How to get legs like Angelina Jolie

Laura Pollard
Yahoo Lifestyle
29 February 2012

Few of us could miss the ivory-hued limb poking out from Miss Jolie’s black frock on Oscar night. But if these photos made Angelina your most envied celebrity (as if she wasn’t already with Brad Pitt on her arm), don’t fret. All you have to do is follow our ultimate leg-toning workout and you’ll soon have pins to rival any A lister. (We can’t help with the Brad situation though!)

To take this workout up a notch, complete all the exercises except for the side leg kicks with a weighted rucksack. You can fill it with bags of flour, sugar or even a set of dumbbells. This extra weight will make your legs work even harder and give you more defined results, quicker.

Squat jumps

Start with your feet hip-width apart. Sit into a squat position until your knees are just over your ankle, like you’re sitting in a chair. Keep your weight on your heels and centre of the foot (not the ball of the foot) and keep your chest up to maintain a straight back. Your arms are bent at 90 degrees.

Press the feet into the floor and jump in the air, swinging the arms upward to enhance the motion. Land softly back to the ground. Repeat 8-12 times.

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Forward lunge

Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, step forward with your right leg. Bend both knees, with your right knee at 90 degrees and over your toes and your left knee almost touching the floor. Keep your weight on your front foot and maintain a straight back. Push off your right foot to bring your feet back together and return to the starting position. Repeat on the left. Complete 8 lunges on each side.

Side lunge

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Step your right leg out to the side, toes still facing forward. Bend your right knee forward over your toes and squat down as far as you can, keeping your right foot flat on the floor and your left leg straight.

Straighten your right leg and return to the starting position without dragging your foot along the floor. Repeat with the left leg and complete 8 reps on each leg, 16 in total.

Calf raises

Stand on a step, with your heels slightly hanging off the back of the step. Slowly lower your heels as if trying to get them to touch the ground. Gradually raise back up and repeat 16-20 times. You should feel the burn in your calf muscles.

Stair walks

It might seem simple, but sometimes the oldies are the goodies. Find a set of stairs – it could be the stairs in your house, or a longer, steeper set in your nearby town or park. Starting at the bottom of the flight of steps, walk or run as quickly as possible up the stairs until you reach the top. Slowly walk back down, using this as your rest and recovery time. Repeat 6-8 times.

Side leg kicks

Lay on your side with your bottom tucked in and stomach held. Extend your lower arm above your head on the floor and lay your upper arm along your body. Raise your top leg slightly and from there, slowly raise and lower the leg 10-12 times, and lower back down. Roll over and repeat with the other leg.

Complete 3-5 rounds of this workout, with a 1-minute rest in between each round.

How do you keep your legs toned and trim? Share your workout tips and exercise techniques below.

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